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The biggest hacker leak in history. More than 8 billion passwords from users around the world

The biggest hacker leak in history.  More than 8 billion passwords from users around the world

The activities of hackers are intensifying all over the world and not only large companies such as Sony or Red CD Project.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing one of the largest user password leaks in history. Cybernews warns that there is a huge text file in it There are up to 8.4 billion entries People around the world use it to sign in to a variety of sites and services. Cybernews editors confirmed the existence and content of the file, which takes up about 100 gigabytes.

“Taking into account the fact that online services are used by approximately 4.7 billion people, we can risk stating that The slogans of all the inhabitants of the world have been leakedNetwork connection. For this reason, we recommend our readers to immediately check if their passwords have been leaked and, if necessary, to change their passwords,” Cybernews wrote.

Password verification can be performed Location Prepared by Cybernews. Thanks to him, you can check whether a certain phrase, which we use as a password, is available in the tools used by hackers.

It’s worth remembering here not to use the same password for different websites and services you visit. This way, we avoid a big headache when someone gains access to one of our passwords.

Recently victim of a hacking attackهجوم He fell, among other things, a Projekt RED CD.


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