September 23, 2021

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The body was found in a C-17 landing gear box.  World News

The body was found in a C-17 landing gear box. World News

The U.S. Air Force has confirmed the discovery of human bodies in a C-17 landing gear box. ABC News. The machine left Kabul airport for Qatar on Monday. The Afghans who left the Taliban tried to climb into it.

He is investigating the case Office Air Force Special Investigations. Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stepanek said in a statement that “the investigation will be deeply known.” Facts Regarding this tragic incident. “The Air Force is the thoughts of the families of the dead. The plane will be inspected,” he said.

According to him “The New York Times”The plane landed Afghanistan Early Monday morning, the airport carried supplies for soldiers to help evacuate. Within minutes of the machine arriving in Kabul, hundreds of Afghans rushed towards it. Fearing for their safety, the team members turned inside and were allowed to leave the machine, NYT said. The crew said they were unaware that no one was going to enter the landing gear box. Initially, it was slowly taxed due to the people standing in the machine.

As the plane flew through the air, the crew noticed that the landing gear did not fully recede. Human remains were revealed in the room.

Massive escapes from Afghanistan. The body of Afghanistan in the wheel space of the plane

On social media, posts were posted showing that many people will fall down when the machine rises.

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What about Afghans who fear for their lives? An interview with Janina Ochozka

Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban

Western diplomats and civilians are still leaving Kabul airport. To date, z Afghanistan About 2,000 people have to fly out. Half of them are Americans.

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The first Polish plane to Kabul evacuated about 50 people to Uzbekistan, said Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Priidas. There are Afghans on board, who cooperated with the Polish state during the intervention, and a Polish citizen. They too were taken aboard Children And children.

From there, the civil plane will fly to Poland. Kabul has a second Polish military plane carrying refugees cooperating with Poland and its allies. There is also a third machine on the way to Afghanistan.

A Polish journalist is in Kabul. On Tuesday, two Polish women arrived in the Czech Republic from the Afghan capital.