July 29, 2021

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The bodybuilder admits he killed his parents after a dog fight

The bodyguard who confessed to killing his parents in Bolzano, Italy, was arrested in January. According to Benno Numero, the crime was committed after his father asked his son to get out of bed and take the dog for a walk. Information from the Daily Star newspaper.

Benno was involved in an argument with his father, Peter Newmeyer, 68, and during the fight, he was accused of “failing” and not helping with household chores. In that line, the son takes the climbing rope and strangles Peter “to cover him”.

“I remember being crushed so hard,” Brenno said. Shortly afterwards, his mother, 63-year-old Laura Percelli, returned home, and her son was strangled, according to the bodybuilder. “I did not say goodbye,” he said.

After his parents died, Benno took the bodies and threw them from a bridge into the river. Laura’s body was found in the Adidas River with signs of strangulation. Her husband’s body was not recovered, although traces of her blood were found on a nearby bridge. Benno is in jail for double murder and hiding the body and awaiting trial.

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