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The British “Love Island” star brags about the effects of surgery in a Turkish clinic: “I feel like a brother’s doll”

The British "Love Island" star brags about the effects of surgery in a Turkish clinic: "I feel like a brother's doll"

Although in the world of show business Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments No longer considered something unusual, some transformations can be so severe that they attract media attention. Among the clinic workers, there are many people who do this They are able to spend a fortune to look like well-known personalities and even … dolls with the help of a scalpel.

Recently, it spread in the British media About a certain character Hannah Elizabeth. The supermodel and celebrity who gained recognition thanks to her participation in the first edition of the local “Love Island”, went again a few days ago to a Turkish clinic. Once there, Hana gave up A series of treatments made her look like a Bratz doll.

The British “Love Island” star did not, of course, forget her carefully Report the next stages of your transformation on Instagram. On Wednesday, Hana posted a picture of a hospital bed on her profile, taken before surgeries at a clinic in Istanbul. On Thursday, she praised her The first shots after treatment. Show pictures A clearly swollen face covered with surgical tape, The celebrity has made no secret that she is very pleased with the results. As she admitted, she is convinced of this thanks to the operations Similar to a popular children’s game.

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It wasn’t Hannah Elizabeth’s first adventure with a Turkish clinic. A while ago, a celebrity visited a facility in Istanbul, to undergo nose surgery. This time the former “Love Island” participant treated herself to a number of different treatments. As revealed on InstaStories, it’s over Eyelid surgery and the recently popular “fox’s eye” face lift. As the celebrity made himself New breast.

I replaced my implants after 10 years and couldn’t be happier. I was so worried, I loved my breasts and was afraid to change them, but that was all I could ask for and more – She was excited about InstaStories.

The 32-year-old model has made no secret that she simply can’t wait for the effects of her transformation to be fully visible – declaring that it would be “amazing.” In one of the entrances to Hana It also referred to non-duplicate messages from Internet users. The star admitted that she was fed up with criticism of the “times” and demanded that they stop commenting on what she, as an adult, does with her body. Hana also mentioned that he can’t look so good just two days after the surgery, However, in spite of everything, she wanted to describe her experience to the observers.

I feel like a doll. I love fox eyes, they are more open today – I wrote.

Watch how the British “Love Island” star takes care of her surgeries at a Turkish clinic.

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They’ve had eye surgeries and didn’t take off their prosthetic eye blinds? no professional…

What unfortunate and absurd creatures walk on this planet

The nose remains to be fixed.

All stations have added a flag to their logo, with the exception of TVN of course. There is no vacation there. When you begged people to sign the petition because they wanted to unseat you and ban broadcasts, you claimed that you were the biggest Polish station. Now is it difficult to put even the smallest flag in respect of the visa?

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A little more, and you will forget what a natural woman looks like.

Come with these women. Neither a star nor anyone known in Poland. What matters to us, let him do what he wants. There is nothing interesting about this poodle.

I don’t even want to comment on these next clones

All because of the lack of love and self-acceptance

Everyone should do what they want – her body. But Poodle – why are you writing about it?? What is this star? Who knows her and cares about her life?? meat balls

Why promote it and write about it about an unknown British woman who does not have gray cells but an artificial bone. No alternative topics? That’s me, I want to read about Smaszcz.

Seriously – I can imagine how those whiskers on her eyes feel – even the eyelashes aren’t. Just massage and nibble nonstop as it irritates you right in front of your eyes.

I wonder how these people will look at the age of 70

Approximately. She did what she wanted and I don’t understand where the whole article about this woman on Pudel came from. Otherwise, I would have never heard of it.

Bigos, highly desirable on meat and sausage, follow me with dried mushrooms, prunes and a glass of wine.

You think this creature needs treatment by a psychiatrist. Perhaps parents can influence such people. What happens to people. I wonder if girls who turn this way have a mental illness

We save animals. Golomek escapes from the slaughterhouse. Please help him. Every amount matters. The good is back.

Fashion is changing… 20 years ago, there was a craze for thin eyebrows, lip gloss and jeans, hipsters, like Britney Spears’ style 😅… Today we have a world of influencers, something new is coming in a few years. …it changes so that the face is worse.

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