July 28, 2021

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Sprawa rybnickiego szpitala w prokuraturze. Jest zawiadomienie

The case of the Rybnik Hospital in the Prosecutor’s Office. There is a notice • Rybnik • Zdrowie – nowiny.pl – portal, newspaper

The notification of the deputy relates, inter alia, to the deliberate provocation of a dispute between the employer and doctors, a negative change in working conditions and wages for all medical personnel, and improper management of the medical staff. According to the deputy, this brought a danger to the life or health of the residents of Rybnik and the region.

– We all notice what is happening in our hospital: 4 closed wards, limited work of dialysis stations, problems with anesthesiologists, inability to test for coronavirus in the hospital and many other problems that we know or will soon appear. In recent months, letters to the administration, the Marshall of Silesia, the Minister of Health, parliamentary meetings and interventions have not been enough – Marek Karzakala lists.

Part of the justification for the application to the Rybnik Prosecutor’s Office:

“In this case, Ewa Vick’s duty, as Acting Director of WSS 3 at Rybnik, was a real effort to de-escalate the conflict between physicians and the employer and secure the current operation of the hospital by ensuring the presence of the required medical staff allowing for further medical activities by departments and divisions. Unfortunately, settlement proposals submitted by the person

Suspecting again and again, they “poured fuel in the fire”, while the doctors’ restorative assumptions were ignored. As a result of these circumstances, a significant part of the medical staff refused to accept the new terms of work and wages, which would or would lead to the termination of their labor relations. WSS 3 in Rybnik is still without medical staff, most of whom are from this hospital and for many years it was its core. The most experienced and provide support and medical care at the highest level to the patients of the West Rybnik sub-district, ie the residents of Rybnik, Rybnik County and a large part of Śląskie County. It is also not without its importance that, apart from the specialist doctors, there are also the residents, whose commitment and work are above all standards and depend on the possibility of the hospital providing medical services in a stable and uninterrupted manner.

The suspect, in the face of the ongoing conflict, did not make sure that the current doctors were employed or that there were enough new ones. He did not implement the appropriate steps to keep the business running smoothly and the hospital was able to continue its medical activities. On the contrary, her actions directly contributed to the departure of doctors. The Departments of Pediatrics, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Adult Otolaryngology, Internal Medicine 1 and the Imaging Diagnostics Department, due to staffing status, are heading straight to discontinuation of medical activities. In turn, the internal medicine ward 2 was closed. Residents of the city of Rybnik and neighboring towns lost access to medical services, which in an emergency situation directly threaten health and life, and pose a mortal threat to many people. Behind all this is a sick man whose health and life remains

Vulnerable, only vulnerable due to hospital mismanagement.

It should be noted here that as of May 31, 2021, Acting Director Ewa Vika has entered into a contract for the provision of medical services with a third party, although there is no case of urgency. Contrary to his willingness to work, his employer sent the former head of the dialysis department, Dr. Yaroslav Oujda, on leave on May 31, 2021. A new doctor is on duty, as per the guidelines

Ewa Vika, acting director, is on the “remote” service. In the vast majority of the day, there is no physical presence of the doctor on duty in the dialysis center, which not only increases the stress of the nursing staff and patients of the dialysis center, but above all threatens the health and life of patients undergoing dialysis. The foregoing also leads to the objective inability to carry out the procedure in the event of an emergency.

In this context, I am aware of the fact that on June 8, 2021, a patient from WSS Independent Public Health Care Establishment No. 3 in Rybnik was exposed to an immediate risk of loss of life or serious harm to health. On that day, as a result of the examinations, the patient was rehabilitated for kidney replacement therapy for vital reasons. In accordance with the agreement with Dialysis Center No. 3 of the WSS, the doctor on duty there was informed of the patient’s serious condition and the necessity of performing the above. surgery. The doctor was on duty “remotely”.

The patient was transferred to the dialysis station after receiving information that she was ready for surgery. But it turned out that the doctor on duty was not in the dialysis center. The patient was transferred to the internal medicine department in a moribund state. At that time, resuscitation was performed, bringing the heart rate back without a return of consciousness and without respiratory efficiency. After the arrival of the anesthesiologist, the patient was placed in a drug coma, connected to a ventilator and rehabilitated for treatment in the intensive care unit. The above situation must be assessed as unacceptable, which clearly results in a particular person being directly at risk of loss of life or serious harm to health, as well as endangering the life or health of several persons, whose responsibility rests with the WSS 3 Acting Director In Rybnik Ewa Fica”.