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The Chant – Game Review [PS5, XSX, PC]. rite

The Chant - Game Review [PS5, XSX, PC].  rite

Spiritual development is the key to balance. To overcome the darkness within, one must confront his own demons from the past. However, when the joint rituals are suddenly interrupted, manifestations of darkness form from the dark recesses. The Chant, produced by the Brass Token crew, combines a third-person perspective with action-horror and powerful exploration. The creators were inspired by the atmosphere of the seventies, while the technical field is a mixture of modern solutions. Are you ready to go to Glory Island? Feel free to review.

Hymn – Run away from the past

In the game under review, the story begins with an incident that occurred in the 1970s. We get to know the main character, Jesse, in the modern era. The protagonist is still tormented by the loss of a loved one when she only had ten summers on her neck.. At the request of her friend Kim, she arrives on Glory Island as part of a camp to support spiritual development. At the entrance, the system teaches us how the laws of The Chant work. The state of the personality is based on three pillars – mental, physical and spiritual. Every aspect requires development, because the developers have taken care of the skill tree, although it is a somewhat conservative addition. To empower Jesse, we collect hidden loot.

Moments before the nightmare begins that night, we’ll meet the rest of the camp, headed by a leader inextricably linked to the representative of hippie circles. Its appearance immediately evokes the spirit of the seventies, when the burning of “Destiny” made the reality of young liberation-seekers interesting. Jesse will jump in chic white gowns to blend in with the ensemble. The Chant is all about exploration, doing so in The Last of Us and recent iterations of Resident Evil. We meet new characters, exchange dialogues, read a lot of notes. This is where you can clearly see the TLoU 2 inspiration, as Jessie holds and turns the pages the same way. It is good that the Polish version is taken care of, because the content of the meticulously edited notes provides valuable information and sometimes tells interesting stories.

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In the reviewed game, the main opponents are the manifestations of darkness. They are beings at the frontiers of worlds, carefully researched in the 1970s. Throughout the adventure, Jesse encounters the thinkers who influence the Acquisition Index. Although the fight takes place according to standard rules, it has many factors that we must be careful about.. Above all, in order not to be trapped by rays of demonic energy, if the scale drops to zero, Jesse will go crazy. Then we have to withdraw to gain mental strength. Character can be treated with several types of herbs, incl. lavender. There aren’t many of them, so we recommend that you be careful in managing the resources you get. And all this is maintained as the standard for highly engaging gameplay, with amazing performance.

Hymn – incense for the purpose

reviewed cheering It is based on combat without the use of conventional weapons. DrWe have a chest at our disposal, thanks to which we will develop the necessary weapons to fight against the forces of darkness. My personal favorite is the spiky stick, which has a great extension. We make other incense sticks to get rid of our opponents. At the same time, the heroine, like Ellie, can dodge, which turns out to be a godsend, especially on a higher difficulty level. As a veteran of horror and survival movies, I couldn’t skip the game on Harda. It is definitely more difficult. Resources are half that, enemies are stronger and you? twice weaker. However, we recommend playing in the Standard Edition because cheering Take some time to get familiar with the combat system. Boss fights are often sprinkled with a large number of minions summoned by a certain Archdemon (I know, quite a lot of demon spirits lately).

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Jesse’s supernatural abilities should also be mentioned in this review. In fact, in most scenarios, the player is not able to determine whether what he sees on the screen is actually happening or just in the head of the heroine.. The answers will be surprising. Another success cheering There is a great environmental story. From the very first moments on the island, while visiting the camp, we can see a strong attachment to the details. From the bright amber of the evening, the tables, to the interiors of the huts. In them we often find tragic turns of events of the past, which are again connected with The Last of Us. Jesse will eventually get a flashlight to make it a little easier in this broken, dark ritual. As part of the inspiration for Resident Evil 2 (2019), there is a kind of salty antagonist who, like Mr. X, follows the heroine. It cannot be bypassed, it can only be paused. The developer also made sure that the attacker did not enter every room, so he put a certain code that scares the demon.

reviewed cheering It is also a surprise in terms of luminance and performance. In the PlayStation 5 version, the game does not have the option to adjust the quality of the displayed image. Runs instantly at 60 FPS and doesn’t fall off even during intense clashes. Sometimes up to four enemies will appear on screen, so know something is going on. Character models were implemented very correctly, taking into account the weight class of the game – that is, AA. Chant proves that you don’t need millions of budgets to have a really solid game of this genre. Can’t go wrong with the graphics, the textures are of solid quality, and so is the design of the mascara. Sometimes characters’ facial expressions fail, but that’s just a scratch with complete refinement cheering. The creators skillfully explain the meaning of the publication in the light of science, the script tries to combine fiction and historical facts, while in the found film panels we will get acquainted with the creator of the whole story. Like the song, The Chant has many echoes of the past. It touches on magic, sects, and the eternal fear of the dark. Full recommendation.

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