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The Circus in the Premier League. Judges have their best [KOMENTARZ] baek nothing

The Circus in the Premier League.  Judges have their best [KOMENTARZ] baek nothing

Not so long ago, just three queues ago, Polish football was alive with the absurd decision of Judge Tomasz KwiatkowskiWhich, after the intervention of Bartosz Frankowski, who was on the VAR, canceled the correct goal of Joseph Kohli in the match Wisla Krakow – Lech Poznan (1: 1). There were also many other errors in the same queue and completely different interpretations of similar events at different meetings.

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“You have to give the beekeeper time. He definitely has a fun generation.”

– It is undeniable that referees have better waiting lists … but just as teams have better and worse weekends, the same is the case with referees, who also have the right to act a little weaker – Thomas Mikulsky, President of the College of Judges, explained in an interview with

Not even a month passed, and the twenty-eighth round turned out to be worse in terms of the work of the arbitrators. At least three of them were mutilated by horrendous mistakes consequences Important meetings in the context of the fight for the Polish championship and the preservation of competition.

The dice is played here, not the ball. League brigade error

Szczecin and Pozna are not everything. Tomas Muciac defeated his teammates at Radom

In their matches, title contenders Bogo Szczecin and Lech Poznan did not receive clear penalties in overtime, and Jagiellonia Bialystok joined the injured limb group on Monday.

In Szczecin, Pogoń lost to Wisła Płock 1:2, but must have had a chance to equalize from the penalty kick to play for Dusan Lagator’s hand. None of this, Peter Lasek did not mention the tartar, and Tomasz Kwiatkowski, who worked with VAR technology, did not reply.

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In Pozna, Lech drew only 1:1 with Legia Warsaw, although referee Damien Sylwistrzak did not notice Lindsay Rose’s clear hand in the Legia penalty area in extra time. Not only that, Video Assistant Referee Krzysztof Jakobec, despite watching the repetition, decided that all was well, and was probably the only person who watched the match with such an opinion. The chase probably lost a point, and Lich lost two. Who knows, if it was not so decisive at the end of such games.

And this time the head of Tomasz Mikulski in League + Extra made no secret that in both cases it was necessary to dictate eleven. So what if his disciples did not draw any conclusions. Monday match between Radomiak and Jagiellonia Białystok (2:2) proof, Where, in addition to football players, Tomasz Musiał performed his bid, without dictating two penalties for the Bialystok team.

Refereeing from Krakow and Jagiellon in this round is not a very successful combination. Referee Musiał has affected Piotr Nowak’s team three times this season. In Zabrze, where Jagiellonia won 2:1, seated in VAR, he suggested to Daniel Stefański that Biaystok’s players goal be disallowed due to Bogdan Tero’s alleged foul, but the main player was not fooled by this misleading hint from his teammate. In overtime Jagiellonia With Wisła Płock (0:1), when Michał Pazdan elbowed in the penalty area, Musiał was called to the screen by Pawe Raczkowski, but to the surprise of most fans and observers he did not dictate a penalty.

Tomas MusaecJudge hurt Jagiellonia? Blogger experts. “Shame on you please”

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The judges are in dramatic shape and their boss is sorry. because of criticism

After all, it’s hard to find any grudges here. The truth is different – polishing Referees are having a great time on the pitch or they’re in disastrous shape. Because if they are able to do the VAR they not only support the assist, but even hinder the right decisions, it must be said that the Premier League has a big problem with this. After all, VAR in the hands of competent people is a tool that will help arbitrators and significantly reduce their errors. But in the spring, the situation is completely different in the league.

After all, no one wants the Polish championship or the preservation of the league to be determined by “whether the appointed judge delegated to VAR can choose the right approach to assess a simple situation” where “all Poland” sees what the final decision should be. This is how President Mikulski justified the fatal errors in the match between Wisla and Lech (1-1) and Lech against Legia (1-1). Or whether the referees will be able to come to an agreement on the assessment of the situation, or whether everyone will judge in their own way, and the teams on the field will play not only with each other, but also in the game of “judgment roulette”.

When many thought that after the departure of the controversial Zbigniew Przesmycki Things will be settled, and his successor (and former deputy) Thomas Mikulsky shows he hasn’t done so at all yet. However, there is one great judge’s circus, which means that arbitrators and their mistakes are often discussed. a piece of nonna. And that’s in the season, when six rounds before the end each of the top three teams have 56 points, and even a Jagiellonian XI can’t be sure he stays at the bottom of the table.

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And if that wasn’t enough, Mikulski at the end of his analysis in league+ eXtra has decided to warm the already hot atmosphere around its employees, in addition to ridiculous subtitles, which undermines their competence in the use of video assistant technology, and also reduces their errors. – These weren’t big mistakes, but they were just heavy mistakes. I am sorry that such strong words are addressed to the judges – he said.

We, Mr. Tomas, regret that such an exciting season has been marred by the delusions of the accused.

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