October 19, 2021

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The competition for the COPERNICUS Prize for Polish-German Science is about to begin

Until July 20, applications can be submitted to compete for the COPERNICUS Prize for Outstanding Polish and German Scientists. The ninth edition was announced by the Foundation for Polish Sciences (FNP) and the German Society Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The aim of the award is to distinguish distinguished scientists and scholars from Poland and Germany who have special advantages for Polish-German cooperation and can demonstrate the outstanding scientific achievements resulting from this cooperation. Candidates can be submitted to the ninth competition for the COPERNICUS Prize (2022 edition) until July 20, 2021.

The prize is awarded in a competition to two collaborating scientists – one working in Poland, the other in Germany. The award amount is 200,000. Euros – 100 thousand. Euros for each of the winners. These funds should be used to further develop Polish-German scientific cooperation. The competition targets representatives of all fields of science, including representatives of the humanities and social sciences.

“The COPERNICUS Prize was created to emphasize the importance of Polish-German scientific cooperation and to show how well it has had an impact” – says the professor. Maciej ylicz, president of the Polish Science Foundation, quoted in a statement from FNP sent to PAP.

Only scholars with at least a doctoral degree who work in a Polish or German research institution are eligible to nominate candidates. Autonomy is also accepted in the competition. The institutions organizing the competition encourage the nomination of women.

Candidates and candidates must meet several conditions, including holding at least a PhD and leading a research team at a Polish or German research institution. They must also be employed in a state university and / or research unit in Germany or in an entity belonging to the Polish higher education and science system. The selection is made by a jury made up of recognized representatives from the Polish and German scientific community.

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The COPERNICUS Prize is a joint project of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Foundation and the Polish Science Foundation that started in 2004. The award is awarded every two years. To date, eight distinct scientific synonyms have been awarded.

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