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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. US State Department on the possible permanent presence of Russian forces in Belarus and possible NATO plans

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  US State Department on the possible permanent presence of Russian forces in Belarus and possible NATO plans

A US State Department spokesman said that if Russian forces are permanently stationed on Belarusian soil, NATO can also review the position of its forces in the region.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the influx of Russian troops – officially in connection with the military exercises – “undermines the status of Belarus as an independent country” and “an insult to the sovereignty of Belarus” – in response to a question from the Polish news agency. US Department of State Ned Price.

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“In recent days, we have made clear to Belarus that if it allows its territory to be used to invade Ukraine, it will meet with a swift and decisive response from the United States and our allies and partners,” Price said. – If it so happened that the Russian troops remained permanently in the territory of (Belarus — ed.), NATO may have to review the deployment of troops in the region, he said.

A ministry spokesman did not directly answer whether the United States intends to send additional forces to the eastern wing countries NATO Aside from the alliance’s decision to activate the NATO Response Force, which may also include the US contingent. A Pentagon spokesman announced its readiness to bolster the US presence in this way on Monday.

Ned PriceFreddy Everett/

During the conference, Ned Price also referred, among other things, to the statements of Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, who announced the withdrawal of the Croatian contingent from NATO forces in the event of a war in Ukraine.

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According to Croatian media, there are currently soldiers from that country in the NATO contingent in Poland and Lithuania. On Tuesday, Milanovic added that in his opinion, “Ukraine has no place in NATO.”

More important than individual statements in the media, Price stressed, is the fact that Croatia, along with other countries in NATO and the European Union, has signed the European Council’s position that Russia will face serious consequences in the event of an invasion. Price emphasized that NATO is united and that it consults closely with its allies.

The US State Department consults with allies

The representative of the US Department of Diplomacy added that the content of the written response to the Russian demands for the so-called security guarantee. He declared that the United States would include not only responses to Russian proposals, but also its own suggestions regarding areas in which cooperation with Russia could be made.

the Russian army

Price also welcomed the announcement of Friday’s conversation between the French president Emmanuel Macron I Russian President Vladimir Putin. He assessed that the United States was positive about any initiative that could lead to de-escalation, and suggested that the two countries consult in this regard.

Referring to the statements of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr ZelenskyPrice stated in a televised message that the Ukrainians can sleep well and that there is no imminent threat of invasion from Russia, “Now there is no time to panic, now is the time to prepare.” He stressed at the same time that the threat of invasion is real.

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PAP, Reuters,, Al Jazeera

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