September 23, 2021

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The conflict in Afghanistan. ‘A country in the hands of religious fanatics’

Like most people in Parliament at the time, regardless of whether someone was from the civilian rostrum, or from the left wing ruling at the time, or in the PiS, we all voted for Polish participation in both the intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq – we recalled Deputy speaker. Polish military units participated in international UN missions.

He added: “For freedom in Afghanistan, Polish soldiers also gave their lives. Some died there, others were injured, and I know cases with great psychological consequences for veterans.”

“As Poles, we have a certain moral obligation”

“I would like us today, regardless of whether we are in the government or the opposition, to look together at the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan,” he stressed.

– There are people who once cooperated with Polish soldiers. I would like to know if the people who helped the Polish boys and girls are safe today. Is it someone who believed boys and girls that they bring freedom and justice there, and cooperated with them, is it safe today – Kaminsky explained

He stated that “in this matter, as Poles, we all have a certain moral obligation.”

The conflict in Afghanistan

An Afghan parliament member, quoted by the Associated Press, said the Taliban had captured Sharan, the capital of Paktika province bordering Pakistan, meaning it now controls 19 of the country’s 34 districts.

The Taliban have already occupied nearly half of the Afghan provincial capitals. On Saturday, the agencies announced they had taken control of Logar province and its capital, Bul-i-Alam, just 80 kilometers south of Kabul.

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The Taliban also launched an attack on the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, according to the Associated Press, citing provincial authorities. Mazar-i-Sharif is the largest city in northern Afghanistan and the capital of Balkh Province. The Taliban attacked them in the early hours of Saturday morning from several directions and arrested them by the end of the day.

The Taliban took control of three more provinces on Saturday and moved closer to the outskirts of Kabul. Altogether, in less than three weeks, they occupied most of the country, even before US forces had fully withdrawn, raising fears of taking control of Afghanistan entirely or igniting another Afghan civil war.

The provincial deputy, Hoda Ahmadi, said the Taliban took control of Logan province south of Kabul on Saturday morning and the local authorities were detained. She said the Taliban fighters have reached Shar Asyab province, just 11 kilometers from the country’s capital.

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Peace talks in Qatar between the Afghan government and the Taliban have stalled, with representatives of European, Asian and American countries declaring that they will not recognize any violent government in Afghanistan.

The European Union has previously called for an end to the offensive in Afghanistan. Because of the threat, some Western countries decided to evacuate their embassies.

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