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The cop from “Rancza” has changed beyond recognition. This is what Arcadius Nader looks like

The cop from "Rancza" has changed beyond recognition.  This is what Arcadius Nader looks like

  • Arkadiusz Nader for ten years (2006-2016) played the role of policeman Stanisław Kotiky in the series “Farm”.
  • After a fierce struggle with the series’ wife and the end of production for “Ranches”, the 58-year-old actor rarely appeared on screen.
  • Recently he can be seen, among others, in “Colors of Happiness” where he played the character of Kuchma. The series’ Instagram profile just posted a photo from the set with Arkadiusz Nader. The famous cop from Wilkowyj has changed a lot
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Although the creators of the series “Farm“They finished recording their first episodes five years ago, and the production is still available on several channels of Telewizja Polska, where it is unparalleled in popularity. Viewers will soon see a continuation of the fate of the heroes of the famous movie Wilkowyj. One of the most distinctive characters in the series was the aspiring (initially cop) Stanisław Kotteki, who was played by Arcadius is rare.

A 58-year-old actor plays a clumsy cop from Wilkwig, After finishing filming “Rancza” he rarely appeared on screen على. It also cast a shadow over the last seasons of the series A private struggle between Arkadiusz Nader and Magdalena Waligórskawho played his wife, waitress Violet, in the cult production. Six years have passed since the high-profile incident investigated by law enforcement agencies.

What happened to the actor next? Rare toys, among others Kuchma in the series”colors of happiness“That’s what this production plan comes from. The latest photo of the 58-year-old man. How did you change?

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Photo: MW Media / MW Media

Magdalena Waligórska and Arkadiusz Nader in the pre-conflict times

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Arkadiusz Nader has changed beyond recognition. This is what a policeman from “Rancza” looks like today

On the occasion of filming the next episode of the series “Colors of Happiness”, she appeared on the profile of this production on Instagram. Shared photo of Jacob Wiechurek with Arcadius Nader. The actor has changed a lot and It is difficult to recognize the famous policeman from Rancza..

What a meeting, I ask youWe read in the description.

Several warm words appeared under the picture of my groupmates From “Rancza” and “Colors of Happiness” fans:

Do you recognize Arcadius Nader on the street?

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