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The crisis will hit the middle class hard. ‘There may be protests in the fall’

The crisis will hit the middle class hard.  'There may be protests in the fall'

This time, the crisis will strike as well Middle class. tightly. If people cannot maintain their current standard of living, they can quickly become aggressive, says a police unionist, citing Welt am Sonntag.

Die Welt asserts that information on rising energy prices, The spectrum of interruptions in electricity and gas suppliesIt appears almost every day. “The news reaches a troubled society. People are tired of the epidemic restrictions and fear the third winter of the Corona virus. (…) People who see how inflation is 7.5 percent. Their money is dropping fast“- We read.

The rest of the article is under the video

See also: Report of the Polish Economic Institute. ‘Polish middle class strength’

The end of the economic boom decade in Germany

Germany has had a decade of economic prosperity behind it and is accustomed to the fact that prosperity is ever increasing. they One time use income It was growing systematically until 2020 – In 2021, for the first time, real purchasing power decreased by 221 euros, and this year it will decrease by another 265 euros. Joachim Ragnitz of the Ifo Institute in Munich lists.

As we read in the magazine, the security services are aware that there may be protests against epidemic restrictions in the fall. “Aside from Covid, other themes may appear on the banners – the war in Ukraine, inflation, the energy crisis” – warns Michael Fischer, head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Berlin.

Our society is under stress because several crises have now coincided. Each of them relates to a different field, which worries society and makes it more vulnerable to influences and manipulation – says Irene Mihalek, a member of the Green Party.

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