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The Curiosity rover has found strange rocks on the surface of Mars

The Curiosity rover has found strange rocks on the surface of Mars

on the building storm hole on Mars Rover Curiosity I stumbled upon interesting rocks. The twisted stone towers sparked the imagination of NASA researchers. Despite the fanciful appearance, the rocks pictured may not be too outlandish.

Although captured in the frame on May 17 this year. Rock formations are a completely new thing to encounter Rover Curiosity On Mars, from the point of view of “geology” is another example of geomorphological forms called “Hodo”.

“Hodo” (In Poland, the name is also used – Fantastic chimneys) are erosive forms of terrain. They are formed as a result of washing out of a less resistant rock material, leaving only the covered part of the rock with a more resistant layer, the so-called “rock cap”.

“Hoodoo” they take it chimney shapeOn her head there is this “cap”. Such forms are found in many places around the world, often there is a dry and hot climate with occasional rain. We will see the rocky constellations in Utah, USA, in Cappadocia or in the Canadian state of Alberta.

Also a strange example of these erosive forms The Enselberg rocks of the Jurassic period in the Krakowsko-Czestochovska Gora. In this case, the less resistant limestone formations eroded, sometimes leaving behind rocky towers tens of meters high.

Curiosity roaming Recently provided a lot of data from the bottom of Gale Crater. Scientists NASA They believe the pit contained a lake where life could run.

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