October 19, 2021

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The Dead Space edition will be like God of War.  The creators want to adapt the game to modern audiences

The Dead Space edition will be like God of War. The creators want to adapt the game to modern audiences

Dead Space will not return as a regular update. The creators want to adapt the production to modern standards, and in this post you will notice interesting inspiration from the latest installment of the God of War series.

Electronics confirmed the big comeback of the Dead Space series, a According to recent rumors, production may start on the market as early as 2022. We will have to wait for these words to be confirmed, but it is worth noting that the developers are very keen to talk about the game and confirm other interesting elements.

Roman Campos Oriola, Creative Director of Refresh, confirmed that the new Dead Space will take advantage of the feature already featured in God of War from 2018 – Sony’s game is portrayed from start to finish as one continuous method. We’ll see the same situation in the next EA adventure:

“We’re rebuilding everything from scratch, but keeping the same history and the same structure. Our goal is to give you a completely uninterrupted experience – it’s going to be an uninterrupted snapshot, from the splash screen to the credits, without glitches.”

Some movies are shot in “one uninterrupted shot”, but as you can see, the developers also come to this solution.

This was confirmed by Mike Yazejian, Art Game Director Dead Space creators want to unsubscribe “Some things don’t work”to make sure that “The game will remain appropriate for a modern audience”.

It’s hard to say what to expect at the moment, but hopefully the developers won’t give us a much easier journey.

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Source: https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/games-the-dead-space-remake-is-borrowing-god-of-wars-best-feature-20210806