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The decision on NS2 will not affect relations with the United States

The decision on NS2 will not affect relations with the United States

“Today, the Green Agreement is part of many EU member states, but we will wait and see. In the case of Poland, judgment in this case is imminent. We have made some pledges under this initiative. Let’s see, we will be at the mercy and humiliation of the elders, that is, Russia on the one hand, and the United States on the other. Said in an interview with the portal.

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The United States and Germany have signed an agreement on North Stream 2. Merkel has already spoken with Putin. Check the details

Biden explains from Nort Stream 2: This is 99 percent. Done. Nothing that could be said or done could stop it How would you rate the agreement reached between the United States and Germany regarding Nord Stream 2?

Wojciech Skurkievich: I hope that this decision will not affect Polish-US relations, because it is a very important matter, that the actions of the President of the United States are carried out without even the slightest awareness of the whole geopolitical situation in our part of Europe. . Donald Trump felt it well, and this issue, as long as he was president of the United States, seems to have been clearly articulated by Washington. Today, without any far-sighted advice, the US side agreed to pursue Nord Stream 2, which would do great harm to the security of our part of Europe, especially energy security, which was strongly emphasized by the Donald Trump administration. Today this issue is being handled on the Berlin-Washington line, which is very sad, but worrying. I hope this does not affect relations within the North Atlantic Alliance, because if that happens, it will be much worse.

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But we also have Germany, which in this agreement undertook to increase its involvement in three maritime initiatives in the areas of regional energy security and renewable energy, which can be read as an attempt to take the initiative or to dominate the three maritime initiatives. The question is, in this situation, when there is such a deal, when we have North Stream 2, when it turns out that we are really cornered with energy, shouldn’t we think about revising our position on the Green deal? The thought comes to us that we are falling into a trap.

Undoubtedly, the idea of ​​tightening cooperation within the three maritime initiative and the three maritime endeavors was undoubtedly the greatest success of President Andrzej Duda, and while this form is growing well today I do not think there are any threats to its functioning. When the President of the United States visited Warsaw three or more years ago, there was also a meeting of states within the framework of the three maritime endeavors, which the Germans later concluded. It is an initiative that develops unnecessarily after their thoughts. Hence, the attempt to influence how the three oceanic forms continue to evolve and evolve. Today, the countries of the three maritime initiatives are cooperating better and closer, and the United States is undoubtedly such a guide, and many projects are being undertaken, which are jointly funded by the above countries. This is the situation nowadays, but looking at this geopolitical context, it seems that the most valuable initiative, next to the so-called Bucharest Nine. These are the most desirable forms and they will develop very well in the future because the Balkan states are countries that want closer cooperation.

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According to the Green Agreement, the second pipeline at the bottom of the Baltic Sea will carry everything that happens around North Stream 2, except for Ukraine, to Germany and much of Europe. A way to avoid the border with Ukraine. Recall that Putin’s actions in the Berlin-Moscow relations. If that happens, Ukraine will lose – financially and economically – a big mistake. It would be a move that would not contribute to Ukraine’s efforts for Western or EU countries, but is yet to be decided to join the more widely understood group of Western nations. Today, the Green Accord seems to be a kind of contradiction for many EU member states. But let’s wait. As for Poland, the verdict in this case is very soon. We have made some promises under this initiative. Let’s see if this contributes to the dissolution of the Polish mines on the one hand and the fact that there will be nothing in return. , There will certainly be no consent to that.

You said that Ukraine would lose. Poland will also lose, because all the activities we take care of from our EU partners clearly show that we are first perceived as gas consumers through the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline purchased through Germany, energy and technology dependent on Germany. The question is, why enter into this type of arrangement at this point?

As you say, the case of Ukraine and the case pending until 2014, namely Donbass, Crimea – Russia’s occupation of Crimea – is a complete failure and a failure, especially for Western countries. I remind you that guarantees for peace, guarantees for security and positive guarantees – for Ukraine – were implemented in the so-called solutions to the conflict In the Minsk format, the main issues and key roles were played by two countries: Germany and France. If all this is being handled on the leaders of Ukraine today, including Poland, but I mean what has been happening in Ukraine since 2014, it means a complete failure and a failure in all the measures taken since 2014. I think this is a bad sign for the major EU countries, Germany is undoubtedly such a country.

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Yes, but isn’t it time to make some deals at this point?

No doubt about it. But first, it must be the political pressure of many countries, especially those close to security and security issues in Europe, especially in the eastern part of Europe, where this voice must be very strong and audible.

Thanks for the conversation.

Interview with Anna Wijak

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