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The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 will travel to America to oversee the production of its sequel.

The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 will travel to America to oversee the production of its sequel.

Studio CD Project Red Yesterday he announced plans to be implemented in the future. Among them located Including Project OrionMust be a continuation Cyberpunk 2077. Paves Sasco – Chief Work Designer answered questions from curious Twitter users about this fact CP2077He confirmedThe game will be developed by the new Boston branch of “Reds,” which will team up with the Vancouver team to create CD Projekt Red North America.

However, what is particularly important, Developers from Poland – including Paweł Sasko – are to lay the foundations of the company’s American branch.

Together with the core of the responsible group Cyberpunk 2077 Moving to Boston to set up a new studio and be the cornerstone of a North American band.

By joining the forces of the people in Vancouver and Warsaw, we will bring you another great game!

Many are surely asking themselves when we will know more about this Project Orion, not to mention when we play it. Answer: Not soon. Paves Sasco Betrayed Because it’s just that Focus on continuity Cyberpunk 2077 Only after release Spectators of Freedom – An additional link scheduled for release in 2023. Hence, one can assume that its sequel will debut in the current decade.

As a reminder, I’ll add Studio CD Projekt Red plans to create two more brands – Magician And Project Hatar, the first fully original venture by a domestic company. Read more about the duo’s future in our yesterday’s news – Here And Here.

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