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The doctor has no doubts. “The Face of Hippocrates” is a harbinger of death

The doctor has no doubts.  "The Face of Hippocrates" is a harbinger of death

Hippocrates, who laid the foundations of modern medicine, believed that the appearance of the face says a lot about the state of health. Distinctive features of the skin, nose and even ears, according to the Greek, indicate the approaching death.


1. He was the father of modern medicine

He lived at the turn of the 5th and 4th centuries BC, yet he is referred to as the “Father of Modern Medicine”. Today, doctors use terms coined by the ancient doctor, and some like prediction, diagnosis, or epidemic known to all of us. To this day, paramedics also make up Hippocratic oathbased on a declaration to provide assistance to patients, to act in the interest of their health or to maintain medical confidentiality.

Hippocrates is also the author of many medical works, which included information on such fields of medicine as anatomy, pathology, obstetrics, and surgery. His theories were groundbreaking at the time – for example, he fought belief for it epileptic seizures There are demons, he also argued that environmental factors have an impact on human health. Finally, believe it Hygiene and diet necessary for health.

2. What does the “Hippocratic face” look like?

There may be signs of impending death

There may be signs of impending death (Getty Images)

Hippocrates also devoted a great deal of space study human face She believes that a lot can be said about her health based on her appearance alone. And not only physical, because physiognomy, according to the ancient doctor, also revealed the state of the soul.

To this day, we are talking about the so-called face or face of Hippocrates (Hippocrates’ Latin faces), which, according to the father of medicine, she possessed Imminent death betrays.

Its distinguishing features are:

  • sharp nose, apparently longer,
  • sunken cheeks and temples,
  • cold, elongated ears with deformed lobes,
  • hard, dry and tense facial skin,
  • pale or pale skin color,
  • dry tongue
  • Cracked and blue lips.

Hippocrates noted that if these symptoms do not disappear within a certain period of time, then this is the case Nadir the death. Today, we have more accurate tools to predict the imminent end, but in fact disturbances in the functioning of the organism, Decreased circulatory efficiencyA weak heartbeat or poor nutrition of the body may appear in the way the old doctor described.

Carolina Rosemus, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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