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“the door is open!” Is getting up from your back easy? Jan Błachowicz renews the invitation of Szymon Koecki!

"the door is open!"  Is getting up from your back easy?  Jan Błachowicz renews the invitation of Szymon Koecki!

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jan Błachowicz has announced that he is working hard to improve the fight against the back.

If anything in the winning performance Jan Bachovich with Aleksandar Rakic You can hold on to the second round, which Pole spent mostly on his back, and lost on the scorecards to all umpires.

This is a mistake Prince Cieszyn However, he is fully aware and intends to eliminate it. He left no doubts about it in the last interview he gave to Yaroslav Shvyotko from

– The second round? – The former hero said. – lazy. Although the triangle was very close there. I guess he had so much Vaseline on his head that he slipped like that. I have already felt it.

– But the tour was delayed. You definitely need to work on that aspect a little bit. I woke up during training, everything worked out, and in this fight somehow … I don’t know, I only woke up in the end, so I managed to do it, but a little late.

– He already tried to defeat in the first round, which he failed in the first round, I saved. (in a second) He picked that leg. This is the “lace” – leg pick, so … well, like I said, I do it during training, I didn’t do it here.

– Somewhere in the beginning he entered that triangle. It was close. It felt as if he might be close, but he ran away. slippery. I pulled that head. I don’t know, maybe then I waited for him to make a mistake and come up with something, just because I wasn’t looking for anything myself either.

– You finally get up at the end of the round, but no, you can’t fight like that. You have to get up. More activity from your back once you are on your back. I just have to think about it, as in training – in training I do it, get up or find that transmission. I should do the same in a fight, not lie down and wait for someone who knows what.

The subject of Jan Bachovich’s fight back against the back has been touched upon recently by not being distracted by strong statements lately. Simon Koike, surprised that such a class rival has such big problems in this aspect. When he was asked a few days ago about the words of the Olympian, Prince Cieszyn In a rather playful tone, he invited him to try his hand.

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– I invite you to practice, then we’ll see if he gets up while I’m lying on him – Then Jan said with a smile. No, everyone has an opinion. Of course, Shimon, best regards. Without some bad blood. Everyone has the right to express his opinion.

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– You fight as your opponent allows you. I know I have to do more. I realize I have to work on this element.

Now asked if he thought Kołecki could come to the doorstep WCAFor such an argument to occur, Błachowicz did not think of the answer for a long time.

– no – to reply. – I do not think so. I don’t believe in that. Although the door is open.

However, while sparring with Szymon Kołecki probably won’t happen – a former competitor KSW Anyway, he is currently suffering from health issues – this Prince Cieszyn He hopes it will be different if he battles with the winner in the next tournament Glover Teixeira with Jerry ProchaskaWho will go to the Octagon Dance on June 11th as part of the concert UFC 275.

I hope the belt fight is closer than that. said a native of Cieszyn. – We’ve already started talking about it with the authorities. We are traveling to Singapore on Wednesday. It is known for what purpose, it is known what fight will take place there. You know what we go for there. Business. we will see.

The full interview is below.

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