September 23, 2021

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The Dutch government announced the lifting of restrictions

The Dutch government announced the lifting of restrictions

The press conference of Prime Minister Marek Root and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge surprised journalists. The only information expected was that the students would be able to return to the classroom. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister unexpectedly announced that his government intends to lift all restrictions related to the pandemic.

“I would like to point out that this will only be possible if the infection continues to decrease and the number of people vaccinated increases,” Prime Minister Rutte said, also informing that the 1.5m distance requirement would not be applied from 20 September.

At the same time, from August 30, higher and vocational education will reopen. However, a maximum of 75 people will be allowed in the lecture hall, and the use of masks in the corridors will remain mandatory.

False vaccination certificate for only 200 euros

In the Netherlands, there is an increasing number of forged documents confirming the adoption of the COVID-19 vaccine.

A forged document costs 200 euros. “It started as a problem,” says a spokesperson for the GGD GHOR Public Health Clinics Headquarters. The fraud mechanism is described in de Volkskrant. You can buy a false vaccination certificate online. Then the buyer informs one of the GGD clinics with the information that the vaccination was not correctly registered in the system and requests a correction.

“We are receiving reports on this,” an officer at the Amsterdam Police Information Office told PAP when asked about the problem of document forgery. The officer was not able to estimate the extent of the problem, but a GGD GHOR spokesperson says their number is constantly growing.

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“We’ve reported several dozen fraud attempts nationwide so far, but that’s certainly only the tip of the iceberg,” the spokesperson believes.

COVID-19 vaccination certificate holders have greater freedom to travel. Until recently, entry to nightclubs and discos was also allowed. However, these were closed in the Netherlands in mid-July due to an increase in the number of coronavirus infections.