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The end of the century Winnie the 4th. Jerzyk was supposed to be gay! The greatest secrets that are not included in the series

The end of the century Winnie the 4th. Jerzyk was supposed to be gay!  The greatest secrets that are not included in the series

Author: TVP
The end of the century Winnie the 4th. Jerzyk was supposed to be gay! The greatest secrets that are not included in the series

The end of Comet Centenary is behind us. We reveal the greatest secrets of the series! As Albina Graboska, the author of the novel “Stulecie Winnych”, admitted in the TVP1 program “Alarm”, in the final season of the series, significant changes were made to the literary origin. Some are shocking! Jerzyk (Andrzej Andrzejewski), according to the rhetoric of the novel, was a homosexual and an active opponent who lost his health in the prison of the Security Service! And this is only the beginning. Check out Winni’s fate already!

We reveal the greatest secrets of the “Wine Centenary”!

At the conclusion of the fourth season of “Stulecia Winnych” we saw all the important characters of the series. For Władek’s 100th birthday, the family gathered in the garden in Brwinów and the family viewed photos from his youth. Then we saw Bronia, Kasia, Anthony and Bennik again … There was no limit to the feelings, and now we can really reveal their fate if the series is created according to how Albina Graboska wrote it.

In the fourth season of the series, there is already a rather large departure from the literary original – Albena Grabowska confesses in the program “Alarm”. – However, there are some points in common: the first free elections, the election of a pope, and the tragedy of Father Popetusko.

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Benek (Bartłomiej Kotschedoff), the beloved son of Andzia (Barbara Wypych) in “Centenary Winni” left for Israel with Ewa (Sonia Mietielica), but he didn’t die! The couple had a daughter – in the series he’s a son, Stay – and because no one likes life abroad, the three are back in Brwinów! A big change also applies to Pink’s brother, Jerzy, who on the pages of the novel is the exact opposite of a serial prankster and detective!

In “The Sinners Centenary. Those Who Have Believed,” Jerzy is an energetic underground educator and activist who has redeemed himself for his struggle for his mother’s homeland in prison. There he lost his health and died alone because he had never officially married a woman. Jersey’s secret was revealed at his funeral. Ania (Urszula Grabowska) realizes that Jerzyk was gay when a mysterious man cries at his grave. Why did Jersey turn into a detective and a plastic dealer? One can guess that the creators of “Stulecia Winnych 4” wanted to show viewers that families in the People’s Republic of Poland suffered such a trauma and the choice fell on Swift.

In turn, Damien (Paweł Okraska) in the novel “Centenary of Winni” was not gay! Guilty was a son and never showed homosexual tendencies. An interesting fact is the character of Łucja (Sandra Drzymalska), who committed suicide on the screen in the conclusion of the second season of “Centenary of the Guilty”. However, she lives for a long time in the novel, immigrating to the United States, where Jasiek (Patryk Szwichtenberg) follows her. Łucja dies after many years in an American prison, charged with murder, and Jasiek is the last person to seek help there. If the creators of the series keep the character of the novel, some events will take place in America, or Jasiek will not appear on screen!

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It has already been confirmed that the fifth season of “Centennial Centenary” will be created and will take care of more of the comet’s life after 1989. The work is to focus on the lives of the younger generation. Will we see what we read in Albena Grabowska’s book in the next installment of the series, we’ll find out in 2023, and we’ll share with you the leaks from the plan.

End of the Century Comet 4 Trailer. Uninvited guests at Władek Winny’s 100th birthday

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