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The end of the epidemic? a. Thirst: That’s too optimistic

The end of the epidemic?  a.  Thirst: That's too optimistic

Has the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus threat already passed? Is lifting restrictions and free tests for COVID-19 right? Check what a virologist, prof. Christophe Berry.

From May 16, 2022, the current state of the epidemic in Poland will be replaced by the state of an epidemic threat – this is written in the draft regulation of the Minister of Health published on the website of the State Legislative Center (RCL). Does this mean the end of the epidemic? According to the professor. Krzysztof Berry, a virologist from the Małopolska Center for Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, doesn’t do that at all.

– The end of the epidemic does not mean the end of the virus, and the end of the threat to the state apparatus does not mean the end of the threat to individuals – the expert said in an interview with a journalist from the Palestinian Parliament, and added: – It is worth implementing the infectious disease surveillance system, which is a system that we do not currently have. This will allow us to respond to an imminent threat, not react. We got into the narrative a little bit that this virus didn’t actually exist, and vaccinations aren’t that important. He will take revenge on some of us.

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Covid-19 cases are declining?

The Minister of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, justified his decision at the press conference to improve the epidemiological situation in Poland, and to limit the rapid spread of SARS-CoV2 infection and a decrease in the number of people in hospital.

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However, experts are skeptical and urge caution in this widespread optimism. It is true that the number of infected people is declining, but the reason is the very low number of coronavirus tests being conducted. As of April 1, 2022, the rules for commissioning and conducting these tests have been issued. It is no longer possible to get a free COVID-19 test either in pharmacies or at mobile swab points (discontinued). The decision to order the test is currently made by the primary care physician or the physician working in the hospital (before the patient is admitted to the ward), but the test is rarely ordered, because the tests are expensive.

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It’s too early to be too optimistic

not everything. As of March 28, 2022, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with a muzzle in closed rooms, except for buildings where medical activities and pharmacies are conducted, has been canceled. There is no longer any requirement to target Isolation and quarantine for COVID-19. Covid wards and temporary hospitals are closed for COVID-19 patients.

– While I’m an advocate of responding to a changing situation, which doesn’t look bad at the moment (all short-term predictions will improve), I’m more cautious when it comes to feeling victorious. At the moment, one can expect a decrease in infections related to the summer season, in addition, the level of immunization and the predominance of the omicron variant reduce the risk of severe course. The number of deaths and occupied beds is much smaller and is constantly decreasing – the professor believes. And Rami adds: – Autumn comes after summer, and we have already cut it twice, and we have made a lot of optimism about human life.

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Appeals to the virologist: – I know the art is up to three times and we can hope for positive scenarios. There may still be a milder variant, and acquired immunity may be enough to protect us from severe illness and death. As a result, we can hope that the situation will not be so bad in the fall. However, let’s not base a strategy on hopes and dreams.

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Let’s take some precautions

a. Krzysztof Pyrć calls for some precautions to be taken regardless of the state of the pandemic, such as:

  • Staying at home when you are sick, which must be respected by your employer;
  • Wear a mask when we get sick and have to go out, for example to a pharmacy or doctor (thanks to this, we will infect others less and it is not only about COVID-19, but also about the common cold or flu).

Although the epidemic as a phenomenon that paralyzes society and state structures has faded into the background at this point, this does not mean that this virus does not pose a threat to vulnerable people. If we go to an elderly person who has an underlying disease, for some reason, his immune system is not working, then we should be careful and use non-pharmacological preventive measures. This is for example He wears a mask, keeps his distance, or opens windows. This will reduce the risk to this person – explains the virologist.

A pandemic status has been in effect in Poland since March 20, 2020. According to the Law on Prevention and Control of Infection and Infectious Diseases in Human Beings, a pandemic status is a legal status that has been introduced in a particular region regarding the occurrence of an epidemic in order to take anti-epidemic measures and preventive measures specified in the law. to reduce the effects of the epidemic. An epidemiological emergency is a legal state that is introduced in a specific area due to the risk of an epidemic.

Source: PAP Aleksandra Kiełczykowska

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