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The enhanced version is now available on consoles. A game with upgrades at a good price

The enhanced version is now available on consoles.  A game with upgrades at a good price

Nightdive Studios is proud to premiere the remastered classic that debuted on the market in 1997. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will be checked on individual devices.

Do you like the world of Blade Runner? Now, thanks to the efforts of the American team, you will be able to return to the Los Angeles Cyberpunk 2019 developed by Westwood Studios as Ray McCoy to pursue the rebellious android devices and solve the annoying issues. Originally, the project was announced in 2020, while last week the publisher announced the exact release date for the update.

What will Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition offer? The game will feature an increased frame rate to the cinema standard, compatibility with modern HD screens, refactoring and increased resolutions in original Westwood VQA clips, improved user interface and Knowledge Integration Assistant, support for modern consoles and anisotropic filtering. The creators assure that they have come up with the classic experience created by Westwood developers, which will be refined with a more modern setup.

Nightdive Studios is now up for sale in PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo stores, and soon Steam users will also be able to make a purchase. The price may convince you to decide to check the address – The digital version of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition can be purchased, depending on the platform, from PLN 37.20 (in the Nintendo Switch version) to PLN 45.99 (in the Xbox version).

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