October 19, 2021

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Przebywający w Nowym Jorku w związku z rozpoczynającym się Zgromadzeniem Ogólnym ONZ minister spraw zagranicznych Francji Jean-Yves Le Drian ocenił, że USA, nie konsultując planów stworzenia paktu AUKUS z sojusznikami w UE, podważyły zaufanie między partnerami. Jednocześnie szef unijnej dyplomacji UE Josep Borrell, poinformował, że ministrowie spraw zagranicznych krajów Unii Europejskiej, którzy także spotkali się w Nowym Jorku, wyrazili poparcie dla Francji w jej sporze z USA.

The EU wall behind France in its dispute with the United States. This is about submarines

UN During a visit to New York on the sidelines of the General Assembly, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian assessed that the EU had undermined confidence among its partners without consulting on plans to form an AUKUS agreement with its allies in the EU. . At the same time, the head of EU diplomacy, Joseph Borel, said that the EU foreign ministers, who met in New York, had expressed their support for France in its dispute with the United States.

In American behavior, “we see a vicious trail of common reactions to the era we believe has recently passed.” Jean-Yves Le Trian, head of French diplomacy, said. He also stressed that the violation of the agreement to supply French submarines to Australia and the establishment of the AUKUS Security Coalition without informing European partners “compels a serious response to the latter.”

Other than violating a business contract – which raises our biggest concern – a brutal, unexpected and indescribable gap – worries first Undermining trust in relationships between partners – Said the head of French diplomacy. After all, the alliance does not hide the forecast, the mutual interpretation of the situation, as well as negotiations and anything from the other party. – He argued.

In his view, the current crisis in Franco-American relations “demands explanation” from the American side. This is a prerequisite for further reporting.

Controversy over nuclear ships. The meeting of the defense ministers of France and Great Britain was canceled

However, the head of the French Foreign Ministry did not say whether French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden would speak on the phone in the coming days. He did not rule out the possibility of such a conversation in the future. He also briefed reporters He did not plan to meet with his American colleague Anthony Blingen during the UN General AssemblyHowever, as he noted, “Of course our sidewalks will definitely pass.”

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The French minister did not hide his disappointment at the exclusion of European partners from the new US strategic initiative in the Indo-Pacific region. He insisted on it According to Paris, Washington’s policy on China is “highly conflicting.”. European countries need to come up with an alternative strategy – based on the competition with China, sometimes – as he said – “you have to tighten your muscles”.

At the same time Diplomatic Leaders of the European UnionMeeting in New York during the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly, They supported France in its dispute with the United States On submarines. This information was provided by the Head of EU Diplomacy, Joseph Borel.

As noted by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, The support of 26 ministers is unclear.

The relationship between Paris and Washington has been in deep crisis since Australia recently withdrew from an agreement to buy submarines in France in the context of strengthening cooperation with the United States.

On September 15, Washington, London and Canberra announced a new tripartite security agreement called AUKUS between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. In this case, Canberra signed a multi-month negotiation agreement with France worth $ 40 billion to purchase conventional submarines from the Navy. Australians want to build their fleet based on US-made nuclear submarines.

“Backstop”. France invites US and Australian ambassadors for consultation