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The European Union wants to create strategic gas reserves

The European Union wants to create strategic gas reserves

– When it comes to gas, we depend on imports – 90 percent. Gas is imported. The economies of the world are growing, and so is the demand. But the width is not greater than that. We are very grateful that Norway is increasing production, but it seems that this is not the case in Russia, as indicated by the President of the European Commission visiting Estonia. In her opinion, the solution to the problem is to invest in renewable energy sources, which should make the group independent of imports and price stabilization.

– In the short term we will talk in the European Council not only this evening (Tuesday) but two weeks later in the official European Council How do we deal with storage and strategic reserves and we will look at the total price structure of the electricity market because if electricity prices are high, it is because of high gas prices and we have to look at The possibility of their separation, because we have much cheaper energy than renewable sources (…) – said von der Leyen.

On Tuesday evening, an informal meeting of European leaders will be held in Slovenia ahead of the EU-Western Balkans summit scheduled for Wednesday.

According to unofficial diplomatic sources in Brussels, Poland wants the European Commission to conduct investigations into the manipulation of the natural gas market by Russia’s Gazprom, which caused an increase in gas prices in the European Union. The issue is expected to appear at the EU summit on October 21-22.

In April this year. US energy market analyst Thomas O’Donnell predicted in an interview with PAP that Russia will use gas supplies to build strategic dominance.

He suggested that the EU’s response would be to create a kind of “central bank” for gas in Ukrainian depots and use the country as a buffer store.

“Shortly after the start of the Maidan revolution and Russian aggression, Ukraine, with the support of the European Union, quickly made technical adjustments to export pipelines to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania in such a way that it was able to reverse this. Kiev quickly freed from the need to buy Russian gas. The expert said. “The Kremlin cannot so easily consolidate the rule of oligarchs,” adding that implementing this idea is just a legislative matter.

The European Union can designate deposits in Ukraine, Germany and France as so-called strategic reserves that must always contain a certain minimum amount of gas. In the event of any aggression by Russia against Ukraine or other countries, these storage facilities will be launched by a special commission of the European Union, the United States or within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Russian pipelines will be cut off. The analyst suggested the nationalization of gas owned by Gazprom, which stores huge amounts of gas in Germany and other EU countries.

Responding to the accusation that such ideas sound a bit fancy, he explained that this has been how the international oil security system has worked for about 50 years – in the event of a crisis, the 90-day strategic oil reserves are deployed in each member state. International Energy Agency (IEA).

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