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The ex-president of Lotos on the acquisition: “In 2-3 years – a tragic topic.” In the background, contacts with Russian businessmen

The ex-president of Lotos on the acquisition: "In 2-3 years - a tragic topic."  In the background, contacts with Russian businessmen

In January 2022, PKN Orlin Saudi Aramco, the Saudi fuel and chemicals company, announced the purchase of 30%. shares in the refinery lotus. Hungarian MOL, on the other hand, will acquire 417 Lotos fuel stations, and Unimot will buy fuel bases.

The capture and liquidation of Lotus, no matter what happens, in two or three years, for example, will show a tragic plot. This can not be done today

– Paweł Olechnowicz said in “Business Studio” on Wednesday at When asked about the tragic subject, he replied:

The tragic thread, the bad thread of the economy, [czyli] We will have a completely different arrangement, when we have other owners, who are serious in the Polish market, cooperating with Russian companies in world markets, therefore, here you can anticipate the different activities that the player will take, and certainly by this player like Saudi Aramco, the first company in the world from Where is the volume today over the past year

– pointed out.

It certainly will not comply with any ideas from Orlen, what to do in the Polish market in the other domain and in terms of assets to be acquired and in terms of business expansion, whatever you call it. It will be a different direction, a different world

– added. We invite you to listen to an excerpt from the conversation:

Watch the video
Selling Lotus Wrong? We ask former President Lotos, Bowie Ulitknovich

The former ministers oppose the merger of Orlen and Lotus. Evidence of a flaw in privatization

Former Ministers of Industry, Trade and Economy issued a joint statement on the merger. “The process is flawed privatization and poses a threat to the country’s energy security. They demand that the Lotus structure be preserved in its current form.

The “merger” planned by the Minister of State Assets is in stark contrast to the Polish justification, which imposes the need to maintain and strengthen energy security without political risks, without imposing additional costs on Polish citizens and without the risk of regression. the competitiveness of the local economy

– Former ministers terminate their posts.

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