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The experts were wrong! In 2022, diesel and gasoline will be in worse shape than they are now

The experts were wrong!  In 2022, diesel and gasoline will be in worse shape than they are now

Already in 2022, it may be very difficult to fight to save the existence of diesel and gasoline cars. Some experts have threatened that moving away from internal combustion engines will lead to massive layoffs. Now it turns out that they were completely wrong.

They were supposed to slow down, they’ll hire

The production of electric cars, especially in the context of motors, is much simpler. Diesel or gasoline has many parts that require more labor. Experts skeptical of electric cars have threatened that the auto industry will collapse due to the need to dispense with unnecessary human resources.

Picture from BMW

However, life throws them out of their hands, as in the BMW example. Brand head Oliver Zipse in an interview with Munchner Mercure He admitted that due to the boom in the field of electricity, the manufacturer from Munich should increase employment. The Bavarians plan to create up to 6,000 new jobs in 2022 for tasks directly related to electric cars.

How is this possible?

This includes the impact of capital sales of electric vehicles signed with the BMW brand. “Our i4 has been sold for months and so is the iX” Oliver Zipsy revealed. The BMW i4 is a compact electric business car, and the iX is a mid-size luxury crossover, of course, electric. Next year, BMW plans to introduce an electric version of the 7 Series luxury sedan. “There will be no difference” – The head of BMW, who also announced that the situation with semiconductors will return to normal by the end of 2022.

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Picture from BMW

BMW has sold more than 1 million electric vehicles to date – including purely electric and hybrid vehicles. The brand plans to sell two million purely electric cars by 2025. The goal at the end of the decade is for electricians to share 50% of global BMW car sales. Oliver Zipps is sure that will be possible faster, but the main obstacle is the lack of sufficient charging infrastructure.

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