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The extinction of Spain, or solidarity with Germany

The extinction of Spain, or solidarity with Germany

Unfortunately, the Spanish people do not fully understand the noble gestures of solidarity by their power with Germany, so they are shaken with indignation. However, let us add, for the sake of accuracy, that if at least one of these provisions is decreed by the Polish government, then the so-called “street and abroad” will deal with the dictatorial government briefly, and what can be hidden – bloody.

On Monday, the Spanish government announced significant energy savings as part of its pledge to the European Union to reduce gas consumption to 7%. So in the summer the temperature in administrative, commercial or cultural premises, that is, in hotels, cinemas, exhibition halls or stations, should not fall below 27 degrees! And heating in winter should not exceed 19 degrees! All of these establishments are even required to install high visibility thermometers so that their compliance with regulations can be easily checked.

Keeping light after 22:00

In addition, the announced package of measures obliges these outlets to turn off the lights, as well as in shop windows after 22:00. I must admit it’s a real challenge – to put out in the 21st century a country famous as “tourist paradise”, where people sit in bars and pubs until late at night, enjoying the sight of illuminated historic buildings. Apparently, the pickpockets and all the enthusiasts of the night robbery were immediately pleased with the extinction of the cities, because it would be easier for them to practice their evil practices.

Regulations come into effect at the worst of times, due to the intense 50-degree heat wave. To the media, which until recently repeated the government’s narrative that “only in July of this year more than 2,000 people died in Spain due to climate change”, it is difficult to explain how people can accept minimum air conditioning at 27 degrees Celsius. , What about hospitals, and operating rooms? Prime Minister Sanchez, although he uses a helicopter to fly 25 kilometers, at the same time imposes unbearable energy saving costs on citizens.

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Journalists have already discovered that in order to comply with the provisions of the decree, many other decrees must be broken, such as the decree on health at work or the decree on the prevention of the spread of the epidemic.

Spain buys more gas from Russia

In addition, although it is difficult to believe: “The law imposes fines of up to 60 thousand euros for minor offenses and up to 100 million for serious crimes.” For all these tough methods, Sanchez’s government blames Putin, only this … Spain buys more gas from Russia than ever before! Sanchez’s government has quadrupled Russian gas purchases in the process Invasion of Ukraine.

To date, Spain is one of the European countries that have sent the least military aid to Ukraine, and yet it is one of the largest in terms of population and territory. Even smaller countries like Luxembourg and Estonia sent more military aid.

And do you still remember the last NATO summit in Madrid, when Prime Minister Sanchez addressed Putin with the seemingly dangerous words: “You will not win this war!”? It was really terrifying. It’s only mostly among desperate Spaniards.

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