October 18, 2021

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The family breaks down the hospital door and carries the body of the dead man to the cemetery via Govt-19; Video

Breaking down doors, a family in Colombia removed the body of a relative who had died as a result of Govt-19 from the hospital, local media reported Thursday, 8th. Later, those involved publicly apologized.

The purpose of the operation, which was considered a hoax by the governor of the Magdalena Department, was to carry out a “Christian burial” in violation of the protocol during epidemics. The dead man was identified as 59-year-old Ramon Elizar Quintero Queensilla, according to the portal “RCN”.

More than seven blocks of family members carried the body to the cemetery, as shown in pictures echoing on social networks.

“I apologize to the municipality, we are not carnivores, but we must act like this to hear what the poor people have to say,” Rosa Catherine Quintero, the eldest daughter, told the El Heraldo newspaper. The family raises a sum of money for the community where he lives to compensate for the damage to the hospital.

As a matter of fact, the relatives contradicted the medical report and said Ramon was not with Govit-19, but that he was suffering from a respiratory problem. According to local media, “RCN News”, the patient was tested positive for the corona virus and died of Covit-19. Due to the infection, he should have been buried following health measures to prevent further infections.

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In a note, the San Rafael Hospital dismissed the episode.

Carlos Caesado, governor of the Magdalena Department, denied that San Rafael de Fundacian had taken place at the hospital and opened an investigation into alleged misconduct by police units responsible for maintaining public order and coexistence in the municipality.

“We are going to ask the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the mistakes made by municipal officials,” he said. “We understand the plight of family members, but we must follow everyone’s duty to respect the rules established by biosecurity ethics and authorities, to protect people’s lives, and to pay homage to the medical staff of health and physical integrity and service,” he tweeted this Thursday, the 8th.