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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Joanna and Kamel with their daughter offered the house. You know about the wedding

"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Joanna and Kamel with their daughter offered the house.  You know about the wedding

Nobody seems to suspect that.”The farmer is looking for a wife“It connects people. A good example is Joanna Wilgauz and Kamil Osipović, who met on the set of the programme. In Season 8, they got engaged and started planning their wedding. They announced that the ceremony would take place in 2023, but when it became clear that Joanna was pregnant, it seemed that planning the ceremony would take a back seat. Almost a month ago, the couple’s daughter, Antonina, was born. It was she who controlled the entire life of the lovers. However, the wedding plans are still in place, as Joanna and Kamel have secured by hosting the team at their home.”Breakfast questions“.

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Joanna and Kamel become parents

The daughter of Joanna and Kamel was born on October 23 at 3.50 at night. Beloved farmer was very dangerous in pregnancy and From the twenty-ninth week she had to stay in bed. The birth took place in the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy.

Kamel said. Her lover added that she was not feeling well during pregnancy. – It is said The girl takes beauty“He definitely took me,” she said.

The parents recently revealed that they chose the baby’s name upon their return from the zoo and admitted that the daughter “causes them a hard time” at night. However, they indicated that they would like Antasia to have siblings.

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Joanne confessed.

The couple also returned to the theme of their wedding. The party is scheduled for September 2023. We have 151 guests on the guest list. The chosen wedding dress will be boho-style. Stitched by Maciej Domański – Beloved treacherous Camilla. Their wedding will take place in Joanna’s hometown, in Wielkopolska.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” This is how Joanna and Kamil live

For love, Joanna moves out of her family’s home and moves in with Kamil, his parents and younger sister. – Because of the family It was a little trickyBut if I had not moved here, the relationship with Kamel would not have continued, – she indicated, adding that her family lives 650 kilometers away from her.

During a conversation with Mateusz Szymkowiak from “Questions for Breakfast” Joanna and Kamel Show how they live. Their daughter’s room is filled with flowers, toys, and pictures of the baby. The interiors are dominated by wood and earth tones.

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