September 22, 2021

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"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Martha and Paul announced the good news.  Big changes in the future

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Martha and Paul announced the good news. Big changes in the future

Marta and Pawe are the only couple created in the latest version of the program “The farmer is looking for a wife”. The woman almost left the farm. Fortunately, the lovers had a serious conversation during which they decided that they would fight for their relationship. They have succeeded and formed a happy relationship so far. Recently, they decided to move in to live together. This was the plan that they carried out.

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This was the last days before Marcy left

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Marta and Bowie moved in together

Marta and Bowie bought an apartment some time ago, located in a village near the farmer’s family home. It was in very poor condition, so the lovers had to put a lot of work and energy into the renovation process. However, they were sure that the effect would be as they dreamed of. Now it turns out that Marta’s exit has become a reality. Both added On InstaStories the photo they announced the happy news.

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The woman is sitting at the table, sipping a drink in front of her, and smiling at the lens:

Today is an important day … Marta is leaving Warsaw and moving to the countryside – they report.

Marta and Bowie moved from Marta and Bowie moved from “Rolnik Looking for a Wife” to live together pawelfarmer

On social media, Marta mentioned her last days in her beloved city. I went to the party to take advantage of Warsaw’s chances to the end. However, he does not say goodbye to her – she has not sold her apartment, and is going to start renting it.

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This is the main first step in their relationship. What will happen next? Marta and Bowie do not rule out that one day they will stand on a wedding carpet. The woman admitted some time ago that she was looking at pages with dresses.