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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Tom accused her of lying and sent her home. Zuza’s eloquent answer provides food for thought

"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Tom accused her of lying and sent her home.  Zuza's eloquent answer provides food for thought

Sunday episode “The farmer wants a wife.” It was definitely full of emotions. Viewers can see not only recognition MatthewWho sent the candidates home after talking about him behind his back, but also an unexpected turn of adventure Tom with the program. Although it seemed like Zuza would be “the one” for him, he made a surprising decision.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Tomic Zuza was kicked out of the programme. He accused her of lying

in the last episode “The farmer wants a wife.” Tom Meet with family and friends SusanWhich, unfortunately, did not speak in favor of the candidate. Her relatives described her quite differently than she knew on the farm of the young farmer. What’s more, the girl’s friends during the meeting said that he was almost the opposite of her, and then, to their surprise, he chose her.

In the end, Tomek said directly to the cameras that he did not know who he had actually met on the show. After accusing the candidate of falsehood, he has an honest conversation with her and sends her home, refusing to date her again on the show.

It was my decision. I get the impression that I have a different Zosia on the farm, and her family and friends are talking about a different one – He confessed.

Although it looked like he would eventually find love on the show, his decision caused a lot of emotions, and Zosia was in flames of criticism.

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Zuza comments on the events in the program. Eloquent answer

So far, Zuza hasn’t spoken about what viewers saw. But the truth is, the network is full of critical comments about her, and fans of the show accuse her of going to TV solely for the sake of publicity. There were also accusations She didn’t take her relationship with Tomek seriously and wasted his timeBecause after he rejected her, she wasn’t particularly disappointed.

Now, the former TVP dating show co-host posted a pithy quote on Instastories, which seems to comment on what happened on the show and the criticism that fell upon her. However, the girl does not seem remorseful after Tomek accused her of lying and He just says he’ll do whatever he wants anyway.

No matter what you do, people will judge you anyway. So chill out and do whatever you want, you won’t please everyone anyway – It sounds like an inspired quote.

Of course, there is no certainty that this is her response to the critical comments, but according to fans, the moment of the post and the tone of the quote leaves no room for doubt.

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She is a little girl after all. Why would someone like that push themselves into a program about farmers and marriage? I can understand adoring 30+ but an 18 year old girl?

I’m tired of today. I interviewed with the IRS and failed miserably. In the advertisement there was knowledge of specific laws and they asked about other laws and details. I feel like a butt.

What mature man wants to build a serious relationship with a 19 year old???? Sam chose this mother 🙈🙈

The same Zuza face that I picked and the same Zuza face that I left 😅😅😅😅 (So I’m going home) 😂😂😂

latest comments (34)

In you, believe Zuza, like meat in a sausage!

Dude, who makes decisions based on rumors?? !!

In my opinion, Tomek is a terribly nerd – that’s why he didn’t find a girlfriend in the area, although he’s handsome – they got bored with him – there’s nothing wrong with a 20-year-old going clubbing – but maybe it’s even better They’re divorced now – I didn’t get along with my husband like that – He was just sitting at home on the couch – We haven’t been on New Year’s Eve in 8 years – Zuza, don’t be sorry

I am amazed that Tomek, who seems so self-sufficient, has chosen a 19-year-old woman to live together. Even when a person is very busy at this age (I’m not talking about the chosen one here), this is the age when we still get to know ourselves / what we want to do in life / where we want to live / what kind of partner we want, etc. that. Everything is still changing. You have to experience both successes and failures in life to know yourself. Until we know each other, we cannot consciously enter into a relationship. At nineteen years old, that’s not possible.

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Philosopher Schachrajka 🤣 Who would love her?!

They chose the fools who were not responsible and calculated, and it was known that the truth would come out sooner or later.

But maybe not give up at the disco xD

Zuza has created a lot of YouTube accounts and comments on herself in superlatives, even the picture of the American flag is the same on every profile.

I think the positions are written


25 minutes ago

There is nothing like relying on friends and family 🤣

At this age, are you looking for a husband or sponsor?

What mature man wants to build a serious relationship with a 19 year old???? Sam chose this mother 🙈🙈

After what my sister says, she can eat bread not from the same oven.. parties..etc..she is young

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