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“The farmer wants his wife 9”. The clash between Claudia and Valentine. “This is not going to happen.”

"The farmer wants his wife 9".  The clash between Claudia and Valentine.  "This is not going to happen."

in the ninth editionThe farmer is looking for a wife“One of the characters is 25-year-old Claudia. The girl has definite plans for the future. She is closely linked to her family home and farm, where she runs her own spruce plantation and develops ecological breeding of laying hens. Together with her parents, they grow lupine and corn and run a grocery store. Claudia describes herself as an independent, hard-working woman who loves to get her way. This can make men intimidate her a little. However, when she met Valentina, she felt he was someone she could reason with in the future. They both get along well, but they don’t always have the same opinion about one thing.

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“The farmer wants his wife 9”. The clash between Claudia and Valentine

Claudia has maintained from the start that she admires people who have their own opinions, and the quality she likes about herself is the ability to admit when she’s wrong. Notice the man’s smile, such features as responsibility, sociability, honesty, resourcefulness and diligence are important for her. It seems that Valentine lives up to all her expectations.

I confessed. She added that she “found what she was looking for”.

While on a date, there was a serious situation that made both of them feel better that they are better together. Claudia climbed the rock, lost her balance, and slipped. Later, she made a second attempt at climbing.

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“The farmer wants his wife 9”. Claudia and Valentine

It’s good to know your limits and your fears. I was impressed that it came the second time around. It’s good, Valentine said, that he does not give up and fights. During the evening dinner, the couple touched on the topic of living together.

Note the selected farmer.

Valentine announces that after things are settled in his city, he will get closer to Claudia. Let’s start the new year together. I will look for work with you – he stated and added:

However, Claudia was not convinced that she wanted to live with Valentine. She stated that they were both too early in the relationship to take such a big step. Her uncertainty is noted by viewers who doubt whether Claudia and Valentina’s relationship will survive the test of time.

We read.

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