July 29, 2021

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The first five years of a child's learning are critical to adulthood

The first five years of a child’s learning are critical to adulthood

Researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of Pennsylvania found that effective education In early childhood, the human brain can clearly form into adulthood.

The study was conducted as part of the Abjadarian Program in North Carolina that began in 1972. Its objective was to study the effect of educational, social, health, and family support on children from families with economic problems. The new study included 111 children who received additional health care, nutrition and family support. However, from the sixth week of life, one group also received five years of educational support.

Early learning yields results

The researchers found that those in the early childhood education group experienced an increase in the size of their entire brain. It turned out that in this group, structural differences arose in the cerebral cortex, which are still observed in middle age. On average, children from this group completed more years of education and graduated more often. They were more likely to work permanently.

“It really highlights the role of early stage education, cognitive training, and how it can affect brain development later,” said Dr. Santosh Kesari of Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

While the study found that active early learning can help with cognitive ability, some of the benefits compared to the control group have declined over the years. It is not known if an increase in the size of certain brain regions is associated with improved IQ and performance. However, Dr Sri Halthor, a pediatric neurologist at Neurologists Specialists, said that “children who received educational support early in life do better in the future” and urged parents to focus on education.

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