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The first human test for a brain implant from Elon Musk

The first human test for a brain implant from Elon Musk

Elon Musk She revealed earlier this year that she is in the process of testing the device she is working on NeuralinkThey run great on monkeys. The long-awaited launch was scheduled to begin by the end of the year Experiments involving human volunteers. However, this will not happen.

The billionaire admitted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the first tests have been postponed to 2022. At the moment, it is not certain when they will start exactly or whether they will take place next year. It should be noted here that these tests were to begin in 2020. The plan, but the work depends on America Food and Drug Agency (Food and Drug Administration). It is the one that issues the permit for such projects. It’s no secret that its members closely monitor the actions of the billionaire.

The problem here is very invasive How to place the electrode in the brain. Musk and his scientists at Neuralink have developed more advanced technology that bodes well for the future and will beat other solutions, but it’s also a long and winding road.

In April, we saw a monkey playing the popular game Play without using hands and only with your mind. So far, these were just scenes from science fiction movies. Now it has become a reality. A 9-year-old macaque called Bigger became a fan of video games. It was amazing.

Then the billionaire said that the animal every time it is turned on PutsImmediately becomes happy. Over the next few months, the device that connects the monkey’s brain to the computer was improved. Although experiments on animals have been successful, they may be very different from humans.

Musk makes no secret that his team expected easier development of this technology, even though it is futuristic. It also greatly stymied the work Max HodakCo-founder of Neuralink, who left the company a few months ago. The scientist decided to focus on developing his projects also related to brain-computer interfaces.

However, Musk scientists do not lose hope. After all, the goal is worthy, it is about Improving the quality of life for paralyzed people. Ultimately, it will be a permanent connection between human brains and computers, a global network and computational clouds, to make us superhumans, with capabilities hitherto unattainable by any human. Transhumanism for him is the only correct development of humanity.

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