October 19, 2021

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The first OWL in Piotrków Trybunalski.  Where will the next be built?  - Ministry of Education and Science

The first OWL in Piotrków Trybunalski. Where will the next be built? – Ministry of Education and Science

– Today we are opening a place for the Petercowians that will spark their intrigue, stimulate their imagination and encourage them to experiment. Soon, such spaces that popularize the flag, and show it from a slightly different angle, will be created in dozens of small towns all over Poland. We want everyone, no matter where they live, to have access to scientific resources. In this way, we want to provide equal educational opportunities for children and young people – said Przemyslav Kzarnik.

Where will the next monkeys land?

Later this year, in Racibórz, a second area of ​​discovery, imagination and activity – SOWA – will open. Small local science centers will also have:
Bolesławiec, Brzesko, Drohiczyn, Gniezno, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Jarocin, Jaworzno, Jelenia Góra, Koniecpol, Konin, Końskie, Łomża, Malbork, Nysa, Ostrowiec Świętokrzóiceą, Zanica Wiłbrawcieą, and Wiłbrawcieą Wiłwiski.

What is OWLS?

Areas of Discovery, Imagination and Activity – SOWA is a pilot project of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Copernicus Science Center, launched in August 2020. – We have allocated 44 million PLN. It presupposes the creation by 2023 of a national network of local micro-scientific centers, where knowledge is gained through independent research and experimentation, in accordance with the innovative approach practiced for years at CSC, Minister Czarnek emphasized. OWLS will be built alongside existing cultural institutions, such as community centers, libraries, and museums. Each facility will feature an exhibition and the Majsternia – a free trial space, where various activities will also take place.

The gallery consists of 15-18 exhibits designed and built by the Copernicus Science Center team. It shows phenomena related to different fields of science, such as motion, light, or biological processes. Among them are colored shadows (the mechanisms of shadow formation and color blending), drawing in a mirror (eye-hand coordination), or a task – making a map (terrain analysis).

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small science centers

The planned small science centers in the Polish Lada are a continuation of the SOWA initiative. In the years 2021-2024, about 70 small scientific centers worth 350 million PLN will be established throughout the country. Its construction aims to equalize educational opportunities for children and youth by increasing access to scientific resources and strengthening social and scientific capital in local communities. It will surely also contribute to building participation in science among children and youth, developing local entrepreneurship and creating new job opportunities.

800 الذكرى Anniversary Media Library

The place where the first OWL was opened is a unique place on the map of Piotrków. It is a specific cultural and scientific center of the city. The modern building, designed in the form of an open book, contains a library with free access to book collections, a reading room, a conference room, a computer game studio, a youth space and a modern scientific and technical department. There is also a cinema studio in Mediatka. In addition to traditional library activities, the facility organizes photography exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, meetings with authors, library classes, workshops and training courses,

Learning through experience at the Copernicus Science Center

For years, the Copernican Science Center has been promoting the idea of ​​learning through independent experimentation. This method not only allows for the expansion of knowledge, but also supports the development of future competencies, inspires and encourages cooperation and evokes curiosity, creativity and a sense of agency. The Discovery, Imagination and Activity Zones will allow the best educational and exhibition experiences of CSC to be transmitted to local communities across Poland.

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