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The first school canceled classes. What will happen to the next? MEiN’s response: “Unfounded”

The first school canceled classes.  What will happen to the next?  MEiN's response: "Unfounded"

More information about the current situation in Polish education on the website

The Schiller State School of Film, Television and Theater in ód has made the decision to change the class schedule for the 2022/23 school year. Łódź Film School students will be free in January, but their studies will be extended in the months when the weather is warmer. In this way, the university intends to reduce the expenses of electricity and heating.

Holiday calendar. Bathing on loose Fridays will please the students. There will be many opportunities to rest

We have decided to extend the Christmas holiday, which will begin on December 23, just before Christmas, for the whole month of January. We will be back to teaching at the beginning of February. This does not change much in the entire teaching and learning process. The winter or summer semester will not be shortened, but only postponed

Krzysztof Brygowski, a spokesman for the university, told Gazeta Wyborcza.

We prefer to anticipate facts and prepare ourselves. Each university has a different peculiarity. With us, students make their films from the first year. There are many practical lessons. The point is not that the classes should take place remotely, but in the normal mode. The signals we have received from the Dean’s offices indicate that the decree is accepted with understanding, because it is a logical decision

– he added.

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“Mom, where do we drive my company?” Lawyer: The child should get this money

The Ministry of Education and Science issued a statement

Appeared on on September 15 official announcement Regarding the idea of ​​switching to distance learning mode due to high energy prices or fuel shortages. The ministry said the announcement of such a measure was “unfounded”.

The introduction of regulations enabling the transition to distance learning from September 1, 2022 in the event of a threat to the health and safety of students due to unusual reasons, such as a gust of wind and flooding of the school, does not constitute a basis for resignation from the performance of tasks specific to the Commune, in particular in organizing the heat supply of any institution Education in the municipality

– We read in the advertisement. We have also learned that regulations regarding the possibility of suspending classes for a specified period of time due to low temperatures or events that may endanger the health of students have been in place since 2003. They regulate unforeseen situations, but do not release the authorities managing education institutions from their stipulated obligations In law.

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Separation of religion at school (photo)Students drop out of religion en masse. This will change soon

In the event of problems related to the implementation of special municipal tasks, we ask principals of schools and other educational institutions to contact school principals and report problems that arise – the Ministry of Education wrote in a press release. At the same time, he emphasized that the government had prepared preventive solutions for the units of the education system. It provided for compensation and allowances and the possibility of freezing gas prices. There will be funds for local government units to cover the increase in energy prices or to purchase fuel.

We do not see any reasons for the competent authority to resign from the fixed operation of the facilities due to high energy prices or fuel shortages

– Informed in a press release by MEiN.

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