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The floating terminal in Gdansk may be ready in three years

The floating terminal in Gdansk may be ready in three years

Gas infrastructure enables Poland to purchase gas from different directions, which is especially important in the current crisis that Europe is facing.

From October, the Baltic gas pipeline, which connects the Norwegian deposits with the Polish transport system, will be partially launched. Its target capacity will be about 10 billion cubic metres. annually. The maximum use of the connection will be possible from January next year.

Gaz-System is also expanding its LNG terminal in Wonogosi. – The first stage of expansion is behind us. We can accept more ships from January. Last year, we accepted 35 gas tankers, and this year there will be 54 of them, maybe more. Expansion of the third tank and the second berth is underway. After the completion of the investment scheduled for the end of next year, we will increase the possibility of accepting ships to 75 – the President informed.

The company is also working on another project – the construction of a floating LNG terminal in Gdansk. Originally, the investment was supposed to be ready by the end of 2027, but it is scheduled to be accelerated for two years due to the complex situation in Europe caused by the crisis in the East. – Stobio said the plant and associated infrastructure will cost hundreds of millions of zlotys or a billion zlotys, depending on when the works are contracted.

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Ultimately, both terminals, in Świnoujście and Gdańsk, will be able to accept 130 ships per year, which translates to a volume of 13 billion cubic metres. Gas.

In addition, Gaz-System is expanding the transport system, including connections between Poland and neighboring countries. Between 2016 and 2023, investment expenditures of Gaz-System will amount to 20-21 billion PLN. Thanks to the implemented projects, Poland has an opportunity to diversify its gas supply.

Monica Borkoska

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