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The flower of Polish representation at the Gdynia Festival: Joanna Opozda and Wironica Rosati shine on the wall (photos)

The flower of Polish representation at the Gdynia Festival: Joanna Opozda and Wironica Rosati shine on the wall (photos)

He is now in Gdynia 47th Polish Film Festival. A galaxy of stars has arrived at Tri-City, who are standing proudly on the red carpet and giving interviews. Among the invited guests, it was impossible to miss Joanna Obozda and Veronica Rosatiwho recently had the opportunity to showcase their acting skills in a movie Brigitte Bardot is amazing.

Lech Majowski’s work was shown during the Wednesday edition of the film festival, and the director received support أو And the Rosati, who have already become attached to the characters they play. It is widely known that Weronika is probably the biggest fan of almost every foreign actress Elizabeth Taylor, of course. Rosati emphasizes at every step that the star is her greatest inspiration, and when she gave birth to her child she gave her a name in her honor without hesitation.

Weronika has been able to fulfill her acting dream and feel like an idol for a while, because in the drama Majewski she played the role of Liz Taylor. So the actress who lives in the United States can appear disguised in the movie Cleopatra and “get into the skin” of her beloved Elizabeth. Until now, she was buying most of the souvenirs from him…

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look at the pictures. Do you think they also talked about men?

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We have to admit we have cute actresses 😉

Majewski’s great hit this Opozda is great

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A great American gave birth to her child by an anonymous Polish orthopedic surgeon XD Sklocona With all her exes, everyone or most probably has a bad opinion. Disgusting character. The second is also a good camera.

Aśka, give people a break from each other for at least a week. Because it’s already going in the wrong direction

Single mothers club without roles and kidnapping. I remember Antek was publicly looking for her in 2020 until he hired her for his own project. This Antek was a good starting point.

😶️😶️😶️� …

32 minutes ago

Well, now there will be new single moms dogs after adversity

Alim3nciary, not some receipt 🙁

Wasn’t Weinstein there? Sorry but why? After all, he liked the old city of Warsaw very much. Oh and one more thing – these are not the flowers of the Polish representation …

Rosati looks awful after all….

I’m sorry, but this Rosati is a terrible failure 😑😑😑

Internet portal with the letter o telling you to pay for articles? It’s funny journalism now.

Weronika somehow stretched as if she expanded the image

Hey, but why compare the girl who pushed her father’s political connections all over the place, you know who was dating the girl who had her day at PWST, she is 33 years old who is a mother and works for herself…?

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