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The former man mocked Edita Gurniak. Bartosz Bodnar drives hard

The former man mocked Edita Gurniak.  Bartosz Bodnar drives hard

You can hum a song Edita GorniakWho is under 25 years old? We’ll have a problem with that, too. In contrast, it seems that calling a celebrity’s ridiculous statements is a trivial task that is regularly facilitated by the interested person. When not He warns us about Halloween and promoting hellHe talks about “changing the pace and structure” of the water or winks at followers Theories about ‘reptiles and people without a soul’.

When it seems like Edita won’t surprise us with anything, yeah On Instagram, he announced that he has been on Earth for 4000 years Regarding her previous incarnations, she asked only “to activate only the skills and knowledge acquired, without activating the memory of the event.” No wonder then Górniak’s profile is slowly becoming a favorite place on the internet for memes makersAnd the artist herself is regularly ridiculed on social media.

Recently, he joined a crowd of eccentric ex-singer…her ex-boyfriend. In 2009, when All of Poland shook over Gornjak’s divorce Dariush KrupaThe tabloids eagerly reported about a new man in her life. It was meant to be Then 29-year-old Bartosz BodnarThe press described him as a “businessman”. Then the guy confirmed that he had nothing but friendship with the newly divorced. However, paparazzi photos and eyewitness accounts indicated that there was more than a grain of truth in the rumors about this case.

There are few indications that they are still in contact with each other, but the recent celebrity actions have amusing Bodnar. The man posted on his Facebook page a graphic simulating Górniak’s profile from the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, where someone – in reference to her words about her 4,000-year existence on Earth – was there. She set her date of birth to 2028 BC:

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“No one can be trusted anymore…” was Bodnar’s description of the hilarious graphics.

Friends of Edita’s ex-partner willingly joined in the mockery of the self-proclaimed singer and joked about her recent looks: “There is a high possibility that it was Eve after all”- commented the man’s friend, referring to one of Górniak’s old strokes. “Miszcz” – said Bodnar.

Do you think Edita will be offended? Many years on Earth should have accustomed her to the fact that people would talk …

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