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The fourth wave is about to end? In Germany, a decrease in injuries

The fourth wave is about to end?  In Germany, a decrease in injuries

According to the expert quoted by the RND portal on Wednesday, one should not draw conclusions from this The end of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

The RKI Foundation said Wednesday morning that the number of new infections per 100,000. The population during the week decreased to 77.9. The day before it was 81.1 injuries and a week ago it was 82.7.

Health authorities in Germany reported 12,455 new cases to the RKI within a day, compared to 13,565 a week earlier.

There have been 83 Covid-19-related deaths across Germany in the past 24 hours according to RKI data; A week ago, there were 35 deaths. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the institute has counted 4,101,931 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2. The actual total number could be much higher as many infections go undetected.

The number of convalescence now stands at 3,852,900, and those who died due to confirmed infection have reached 92,769.

The end of the fourth wave?

Although the epidemic in Germany has remained fairly stable for several days, coronavirus forecast expert Thorsten Lehr cautions against jumping to conclusions, writes the RND. Lear does not believe that the stagnation in the number of new infections will end the fourth wave of the epidemic. He believes a jump in infections is possible. “We were able to observe this behavior from roughly the incidence curve up until today last year,” he points out.

A year ago, the number of new infections also decreased slightly and held steady, just below the current level, before rising again sharply in late September. “With the current status of the vaccination campaign and the easing of contact restrictions, a similar increase can be expected again in late September and early October,” warns Lear.

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The expert explains the stagnation in the number of infections incl. The fact that there are fewer travelers on vacation, and therefore – the infections they bring.

In Germany, 66.6 percent of the population has so far received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 62.3 percent of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated.

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