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The fourth wave of the Corona virus will kill 60,000 Poles

Podczas czwartej fali życie straci nawet 60 tysięcy Polaków

Although we are witnessing a massive increase in infections and deaths from the Corona virus every day, the fourth wave is just beginning. It is expected to reach its peak in the first week of December. According to experts, at the beginning of autumn and winter, the Corona virus will kill 60 thousand Poles.

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is increasing. More and more patients are suffocating and need a respirator to breathe. Unfortunately, the people most affected are often not immune. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and this is only the beginning of the worst phase of the fourth wave. According to Dr. Maria Gaucac, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the Collegium Medicum at the University of Zielona Góra on RMF FM radio, the daily number of infections at the height of the fourth wave may reach as high as 30,000.

– The weekly average may be in the range of 28 thousand. Infection, that is, the numbers will be enormous. You have to calculate that roughly 1 percent of reported cases will die. Epidemiologists predict that about 60,000 people will lose their lives in this wave. The Poles – emphasized Prof. Gańczak.

Most deaths can be prevented

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is causing deaths, many people in Poland still forgo vaccination. According to official data from the Ministry of Health, in the period from February to September 2021, 83.5% of deaths occurred in people who were not vaccinated or vaccinated according to an incomplete vaccination schedule. Why do the Poles not want to be vaccinated?
As explained by the professor. Gańczak – it depends on many factors, for example our age. Young people do not associate themselves with infection, and therefore most of them do not want to be vaccinated. Meanwhile, they also get infected and get sick – she added.

Younger and younger patients require hospitalization

a. Gańczak also noted that at the start of the pandemic in the second and third waves, the elderly (over 60 years of age) dominated the infected in hospital wards. At the moment, due to the fact that we received vaccinations for about a year, the age of the patient in the hospital has shifted to people aged 40-50 years. a. Gańczak noted that the delta variant attacking this fall is several times more transmissible than the initial SARS-CoV-2 variant, and the duration of the epidemic depends on the level of vaccination in a particular country. The new variant, despite the high vaccination rate, means we have one in Europe
epicenter of the epidemic. In countries where vaccination levels are still low, more mutations will occur.

Vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization

The COVID-19 vaccine is primarily a protection against the severe course of the disease. Prof. Gańczak says – the vaccine is not perfect, that is, it does not protect 100% from infection. There is no such vaccine at all. She explained that by promoting vaccination, we want to reduce the percentage of people who are severely COVID-19 and those who need treatment in hospital, and placement in intensive care units.
She added that the increase in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 threatens to collapse the health care system.
The Covid family base will be expanded at the expense of the other family, that is, at the expense of access to health services. She explained that patients in serious condition due to other diseases will not be able to find a place on the right wing

Source: PAP

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