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The French did not want to build a Polish nuclear power plant with the United States. “Only EPR is involved” [ANALIZA]

In August 2021, the Energetyka24 website announced a new idea to negotiate with bidders for government-implemented nuclear technologies in Warsaw. This includes the use of two American and French contractors for the nuclear program. This is to improve the process and connect the two foreign powers to the Polish nuclear power plant. Today we were able to reach someone who is well aware of the arrangements made so far in the negotiations regarding the nuclear program. According to his information, the French side does not share Warsaw’s arguments and is often not interested in such a nuclear connection.

“As far as I know, the 100% concession based on EPR technology is only at risk in order to avoid the risks of budget or schedule-based implementation from a French perspective. The person who made it says on the Energetyka24 website.

“EDF insists on submitting a concession based on EPR technology with 100% European technology in its communications. Also made in Poland.It is known that some Polish companies are already working on EPR projects.The future operator of the Polish nuclear power plant could become part of the EPR operators, which will benefit from the experience of other companies operating these reactors.In the long run, this will optimize the functionality of these units and their safety oval and It’s unfair “- he adds.



The E24 commentator also points out the weaknesses of the American-French concept. “I can not imagine that Poland needs a proven partner and proven technology. In the meantime, such a separate project is unique, so-called The first type. According to my information, EDF did not conduct and did not negotiate with competing companies “- he emphasizes.

When asked about the possible deadline for submitting France’s binding offer, he says: “Currently, discussions are underway with the government. In order to make a binding offer, the EDF needs specific data to be provided by the government side. “

According to the E24 commentator, France could quickly prepare a concession to meet the deadline set by the Polish nuclear program (i.e. by the end of 2021). “It depends on the speed of the dialogue between the French and Polish governments. If they get the data they need, I see no reason why they should not do it in a timely manner,” he pointed out, adding that the date for commissioning the first reactor is possible for EDF in 2033. “According to the French side, yes, it is possible if decisions are made quickly “- he emphasizes.

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