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The FSB deceived Putin, far from reality. Journalists reveal

Informacje FSB były nieprawdziwe (fot. Shutterstock/SGr; Kremlin Press Service/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

When deciding on a military invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin relied mainly on the reports provided by the Federal Security Service, and also told the independent Russian portal “Important Stories”. The site indicated that the Russian president specifically used the fifth section of the Federal Security Service, which deals with the collection and analysis of information from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Important Stories reminds you that the data provided is largely incorrect.

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Report: The war in Ukraine

Journalists – who tried to determine how the decision was made to start the war and why the Russian authorities erred in believing that they would quickly win – emphasized that Vladimir Putin had false statements when attacking Ukraine, while the officers of the Fifth Division of the FSB “They were guessing, misinterpreting and imagining, and management happily believed it.”

Putin was told that “individual regions of Ukraine operate in isolation from the authorities in Kyiv, and it is worth just sticking your finger in them to make them flee towards Russia.”

Information from the security services of Yanukovych

The Kremlin planned to seize Mariupol in three days, and Kiev – in five. In fact, the port of the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov has not yet been completely captured, and the Russian army was forced to withdraw from Kyiv.

According to the site, the Russian services relied on information provided by former officials of the Ukrainian Security Service, mainly related to the ex-president, Viktor Yanukovych, who fled Ukraine in 2014. FSB “informers” did not have any information or they presented it in a distorted form.

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According to journalists The leadership of the FSB itself preferred not to provide information to PutinIt could conflict with the general picture.

And the independent Russian portal emphasized that an important role in deciding to attack Ukraine was played by Vladimir Putin’s advisers, who did not accept the collapse of the Soviet Union and supported conspiracy theories. According to journalists in “Important Stories”, Vladimir Putin has long been isolated from reality and alternative sources of information.

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