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The funeral of Elizabeth II. Not all of them are welcome. Who did not receive the invitation? | world News

The funeral of Elizabeth II.  Not all of them are welcome.  Who did not receive the invitation?  |  world News

at a funeral Queen Elizabeth IIScheduled on Monday, September 19, representatives of Russia will be absent, Belarus and Myanmar (formerly Burma). according to.Reuters GenesisThese countries have not received official invitations to attend the funeral of the British Queen.

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new King Charles III and the … economic crisis. What is the UK facing? [Relacja prosto z Londynu]

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The funeral of Elizabeth II without Russia and Belarus. reason? attack on ukraine

Great Britain did not invite representatives RussiaBelarus and Myanmar At the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, which will take place next Monday – said the source, citing Reuters.

The decision not to invite Russia came as a result of the attack on Ukraine. Great Britain is one of the countries that has imposed sanctions on Russia, and it also supports Ukraine, which is fighting the invaders. It is noteworthy that shortly after the death of Elizabeth II, Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the new king and said that he would not attend the funeral. The lack of an invitation to Belarus is due to the close cooperation between that country and Russia.

The funeral of Elizabeth II with strict rules. Joe Biden on the bus?

Myanmar representatives will not attend Elizabeth II’s funeral

Myanmar has also come under British sanctions for the attack on the Rohingya community. They are a Muslim minority living in the former Burma, who were victims of genocide at the hands of Burmese nationalists.

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Who will attend Elizabeth II’s funeral?

About half a thousand foreign dignitaries will attend Elizabeth II’s funeral. Invitations have been sent to most heads of state with which the UK has diplomatic relations.

At the funeral, among others, President of the United States Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. You will also be able to see it in London Prime Ministers Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Poland will be represented by the presidential couple.

The accident in EdinburghIncident while marching behind the coffin of Elizabeth II. 22 years in prison

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