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The future of medical schools – Deputy Minister Wojciech Mordczyk’s visit to the Jacob from Paradic Academy – Ministry of Education and Science

The future of medical schools - Deputy Minister Wojciech Mordczyk's visit to the Jacob from Paradic Academy - Ministry of Education and Science

– The deputy said: – Everything we do in the case of medical professions is an effort that accumulates our activities, to finally notice the patient, take actions based on the latest technology, to effectively save lives, reduce the suffering of the patient and help others – Minister Wojciech Murdzek during a meeting with students and faculty In Jacob of Paradic in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

The MEiN Foreign Minister expressed his appreciation to Gorzów University and its development activities. He emphasized that it is a response to the medical needs and needs that are widely understood in the region. He pointed out the need to introduce additional financial resources to enable education in the medical professions at the highest level.

In the presence of the deputies of the Minister of Health, Education and Science, the university authorities signed two letters of intent. The first is an agreement with the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnostics on establishing cooperation and carrying out activities related to the launch of standardized master’s studies in the field of “laboratory medicine”. The second letter was signed by the university president, Prof. Doctor Hub. Elżbieta Skorupska-Raczyńska and Head of the Gorzów Wielkopolski District Multidisciplinary Hospital, Jerzy Ostrouch. By agreement, we declare mutual support and cooperation.

Deputy Minister Wojciech Mordzic visited the AJP Technology Laboratory, which was modernized in 2020-2021. The laboratory was established to intensify the scientific and research activities carried out in conjunction with the local economy and business.

Jacob Academy of Paradic in Gorzow Wielkopolski

There are five faculties in the university: management and national security, economics, humanities, technology, and health sciences. Students can study in 19 undergraduate, engineering, and graduate programs. These are: Management, Automation and Robotics, National Security, Energy, Philosophy of the Polish Language, Linguistics (English and German), Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Security Engineering, Media and Social Communication, Applied Criminology, Logistics, Mechanics and Machine Building, Education, Pre-school and early school education (five-year master’s studies), nursing, emergency medical services, tourism and recreation, and management. The following directions are in the preparatory procedure.

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