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The games announce the threat of war. Thanks to this, Orban will be able to issue decrees | News from the world

The games announce the threat of war.  Thanks to this, Orban will be able to issue decrees |  News from the world

The change introduced a few days ago has limited the number of emergencies a country can declare in three situations: military, emergency and emergency. This entails repealing all previously announced mandates before the amendment enters into force. That is why a government decree was published at night to restore the state of emergency in connection with the war and humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. At first, it will be valid for a month, but for this time Row Prepare another decree extending the state of emergency for another 180 days. This is the maximum time that can be extended at one time.

A state of emergency, rare in the world, has existed in Hungarian legislation for several years. Previously, it was announced in connection with the refugee crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. Giving Viktor Urban’s office to judge the decrees.

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Earlier, at the end of May, a state of emergency was imposed in Hungary in connection with the war in Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister He said at the time that “the war and the Brussels sanctions” were translating into the economy and a drastic increase in prices. Hungary should stay away from war He stressed that from afar they should protect themselves.

Hungary breaks with the decisions of the European Union

Orban’s government also explained the recent abstention on the creation of a training mission for Ukrainian soldiers to “stay out of the war.” The foreign ministers of the European Union almost unanimously agreed to create an unprecedented program for the training of Ukrainian soldiers by a joint. armies Member States.

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– We do not participate in it, we do not send trainers, we do not participate in the costs of the operation – said the Hungarian Foreign Minister. He said that his country had benefited from “constructive abstinence”.

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