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The Gornjak case at the train station in Warsaw. Registered online – O2

The Gornjak case at the train station in Warsaw.  Registered online - O2

Edita Gurniak was recorded by Ravalala. The singer was seen by a celebrity at the railway station in Warsaw. Ravalala scored the crowd, and by the way Gurniak was standing among the other passengers.

This singer of Polish music did not like it. I decided to approach Ravalala. The celebrity did not turn off the camera anymore and a recording of the two women’s conversation was sent to the network.

Gurnac vs Ravalala. barge

“You are so rude,” Edita Gorniak said. I heard the answer: “But you’re talking to a transgender woman in a male form.” In response, Gornyak said: “I don’t care, I’m talking to a man.”

“You insult me, I chose the same path,” – says Ravalala. The singer, who said she did not want to argue, finally said:Well, let’s fight. Who did more harm? She referred to the recording and the alleged words of a transgender woman about Gurnac.

Ravalala had to call it “f**k” and “rag,” the Hawk Post wrote. However, the registration is not online, it may have been deleted by a celebrity. Later in the video circulating around the network, Ravalala says to Górniak, “I’ve scored a lot of people here.” The singer responds to this:

really? But you see, I have friends who told me who did it.

As a next step, Edita Gurniak decided to respond to the materials published by Ravalala. I sent her a private message saying:

If you are looking for tolerance, set an example for others. She was weak.

Gornyak calls on the media to respond

This is an interesting case. The gay community in general has class, sensitivity and intellect. I know because I know and love so many – we read the words of the stars as they hit the Ravalala.

The transgender woman responded by posting screenshots of articles and messages she received from Edita Gorniak’s fans, but also its opponents. She called the content of articles on the portals a lie and, after all, withheld her profile, turning to Gornyak:

Edita, your train left long ago. When I write Train, I mean culture and respect for others.

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