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The government is saving for the fourteenth retirement. Therefore, you will not give it to everyone

emeryt liczący pieniądze

The Law and Justice Party promised to retire during the elections and has fulfilled its promise*. Christmas is absolutely right: the rules of service are designed in such a way that they give a little money, but at the same time do not cost much.

14. Retirement Seniors will be paid in November 2021. I place my trust in 13. Pensions. paid annually, The “fourteen” will be a one-time payment. However, this was not mentioned during the elections.

The thirteenth pension is paid to all the elderly, while the “fourteenth” goes to only the selected few. The government decided that pensioners with benefits over PLN 2,900 are very rich 14. Retirement They deserved everything. Who can count on the “fourteen” and how much?

14. Moderately paid pension. The government will not give money to all the elderly

In April 2021, 9.8 million retirees received “thirteen”. This was reported to the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Mallig treasury Its cost amounted to 12.2 billion PLN.

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14. The pension to be paid in November 2021 with the same minimum pension amount (total 1,250.88 PLN) It will go to only 7.9 million Poles. 1.2 million seniors will receive incomplete payments, and 700,000 will not see the electoral promise until zlotys.

This is the result of the creation of income standards. The full “fourteen” will be awarded to pensioners who receive a maximum of PLN 2,900 in total sister. Each zloty of additional benefits will mean a reduction of the fourteenth pension by the same amount.

Elderly , Those who received benefits in a total amount of 4,150.88 PLN or more, the “fourteen” will not receive at all. Thanks to this, the state budget will save several billion zlotys.

In the past two years, the PiS has owed Poland 200 billion PLN – that amount Public debt It has grown over the past decade. Budgeting will be temporarily improved by the Polish system, thanks to higher taxes for high-income social groups.

However, in 2023, we will face a “sharp spending cut”. It was supposed to be painful for the Poles: there was speculation that it would be liquidated or tied up 500 plus. Perhaps the government, arguing that with the increase in pensions by the Polish system, will want to resign from the payments of the “thirteen”.

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