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The government lifts the ban on flying to the United States

The government lifts the ban on flying to the United States

The government’s latest draft restrictions on air travel could fly to the United States for the first time in months, but only to two destinations.

The latest draft of the bi-weekly revised regulation on air traffic restrictions already exists. It should come into force on November 11, when the current regulation expires.

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The new rules address two important issues. First, lower the bar in the directions you can fly. At the moment, the banned list also includes countries where the number of 14-day Govt-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeds 90. Now The permitted infections are 270 per 100,000 population. As before, the number of infections is determined based on data released by the European Center for Prevention and Control.

The second big change Two states in the United States are exempt – Illinois (capital Chicago) and New York. EU member states will continue to apply for exemptions from the embargo on the European Economic Area and the Schengen area.

The draft also retains the rule that the ban does not apply to charter flights “prior to the date of regulation ‘at the request of a tour operator or company acting on its behalf.

Release pending, draft control may still change.

New control It is valid until the end of November 24th 2020.

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