October 19, 2021

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The government wants to provide clean transport zones again! Where are they supposed to go?! [LISTA]

For three years, our country has been implementing regulations that enable the creation of clean transport zones in Poland, about which we have written a lot in the past. Currently, however, there is no such area in our country. Of course, this is positive information for drivers of gasoline, diesel and LPG vehicles. However, such a case may not work for a long time – local governments and the government are already thinking about how to change everything.

The government wants to introduce clean transport zones again. Does it even make sense?

According to the information that we can read on the praw.pl website, local governments want it to be possible to create clean transport zones in all cities. Currently, this is only possible in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Now that’s about to change, or at least that’s the idea. Currently, only 37 Polish cities have the conditions for creating clean transport zones. But so far no such area has appeared in any of them.

The idea has many advantages, but also its drawbacks, because the introduction of zones requires large fees. Currently, the rate is PLN 2.5 per hour when it comes to stopping and staying in the zone, but as you know, everything can change. The second issue is also the question of whether it is worth re-creating this topic that has been high for some time. It calmed down later, and now the topic is back like a boomerang – does anyone still need it?

What is your opinion in this? Your opinion is very important to us!

Clean Transportation Zone 1

What do you think of Clean Transportation Zones? Do you think they should apply to as many Polish cities as possible? Or maybe you think that this idea is completely unnecessary for anyone? We are waiting for your feedback, please let us know!

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